Monday, August 31, 2015

Visit From Leo

"Our" sweet, Leo!!
Rudi with Leo and David!!
 Today we got to visit with Leo, the first baby we ever received from Casa de Amor. (You can read about him here and here.) He also lived with our family the longest, just over a year, before he was adopted. It was great to see him and his family after almost two years!! His parents adopted a little girl from another orphanage at the same time they adopted Leo. Only a year apart in age, you could tell that they really loved each other!

Leo did not remember us, but was very sweet about saying hello to us and then hiding behind his father!! I wanted to take a picture with him, David, and Adriana, as they all lived with us at the same time, but he was too shy!!
 It was super sweet to see him again, even for a short time! He is still a gentle giant!! His family gave us a photo album of pictures of him with our family. We will treasure it!! We hope someday to visit him at his house in Oruro!

Leo with Luz, his older sister!!

So tall and all grown up!!

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  1. Wow he looks like such a grown up boy now! That is so fun that you got to see him again :)