Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Blog de Peter

"Toilet paper, Anyone??"

Hi, my name is Peter! I am the littlest Booher, for now, and I am loving it! If I am left to myself, I crawl to the nearest bathroom with an open door and dive in for some fun... It drives my Mama crazy, but she knows how little boys are. I will say that I am finding less and less bathroom doors open these days!! Hmm, they must be on to my tricks!
"Train Time"
I also love playing with my brothers and sisters. You see I lived in a different orphanage than theirs, so I didn't even know that I had a brother and sister waiting for me! We get along so well together...

Ready, Set, Go
 I also love to take baths. Splash, splash, life is good! I usually cry when they take me out of the bath. It is just so hard to leave such a fun spot!
Bath time is fun time!! 
 I also am learning lots of things each day. For example, I learned to never put my hand in the fan when it is on... Thankfully, I only cut my two middle fingers and lost the nail on one. It really scared my Daddy and Mama though. Oh, and another cool thing about that, is that a "real" doctor bandaged me up with the help of my big sister, Emily!
My Doctor, Gina... Thanks!!!
I will tell you right now, I love stairs! Where I lived before they didn't have any, so I get up and down the stairs as much as possible!!!
Ah, those fun stairs again!!
 I hear that I am a lot of work to keep up with, but I didn't really believe it until I saw this picture of myself napping with Daddy. I guess I just wore him out!
Napping with Daddy!!
I am loving living with my family and being King of the House! Everyday is an adventure full of fun. I am thankful to have a family now. It is great!!
Big sister Clara and Peter!

Life is So Good!!!

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