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David Michael

His name means "Beloved" and "Gift from God". Our little David is named after his Uncle David, my older brother, his father and favorite person, Rudi Michael, and his Grandpa B., Michael Booher! David was born in February of 2012. His original name was Samuel (pronounced- Sam Well). We have two nephews with this name and thought a third in the family might be a bit redundant! We also wanted to give him a "fresh start" with a new name, as he begins a new life in our family. We tried out different names with him, since he is old enough to have an opinion about it; David is the name he like the best! In a sense he picked his first name!! Super smart and full of life this guy keeps us on his toes. He is a great addition to our family!

Adriana Dolores 

Her name means "Noble Strength" and "Compassionate". We decided to keep her first name Adriana (pronounced Audrey-Ah-Nuh), because it just fits her! We find ourselves calling her Audrey as a nickname, but when we tried to change it officially to Audrey, it just didn't fit! Hopefully, the pronunciation won't get slaughtered her whole life, but hey, it will be something she can explain to people! She is also named after her Grandma B., Dolores Booher! Adriana was born in March of 2013. Our little bubbly gal has stolen our hearts. We are so blessed that God has made her part of our family.

Peter Anthony  

Our "bonus" baby! His name means "Rock" and "God adds or Priceless". Peter is the name that we would have given Ruth or Paula had they been boys. One of Rudi's best friends is Peter Warren, whom he is being named after. I liked the name and meaning of Anthony and if I were the only one choosing, this would be his first name!! We did not know about Peter when we decided to return to Bolivia to adopt David and Adriana, but I had told Rudi in August that I really wanted to "add on" a third baby and I wanted it to be a baby boy. Well God had already filled the "order" and when we found out about Peter we instantly said, "Yes." God "added" him to our family!!! Peter was born April of 2014.

If you notice the sequence of years, yes, the thought has crossed my mind many times to wonder if there might be a "2015" baby... and the answer is, yes, I would adopt it in a heartbeat. Not sure that Rudi feels the same way!! So far, we do not know of any more "bonus" babies. I pray that their birth-mother will stop having babies, because I know we can't keep adopting forever, but it would be hard to leave a sibling behind. For right now we are enjoying our three new blessings and are so thankful for them!

It so happens that in the beginning of the year 2012, when we were researching coming down to Bolivia, the first blog I read on the "Homes of Love" blog was about our little David being brought home from the hospital. You can read that first blog here! I remember thinking that he was such a cute little baby, but never dreamed that one day he would be my third son and seventh child... Pretty heady stuff!!

                                           Our adoption was official the 31st of August!
                         Psalm 118:23 "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."
The Rudi Booher Family, September 2015
Photo courtesy of Kirsten Bedell 

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