Tuesday, March 15, 2016

February Picture Round-up

Thanks for being patient with me and this blog! In some ways I am more "off the grid" here than I was in Bolivia! We don't have internet at our house and it isn't easy getting online at the coffee shop, so this blog has gotten very neglected! I am also finding that moving a family of eleven for the fifth time in about a year and half has been almost my undoing! I feel like all I do is pack and unpack, organize, sort, get rid of things, and then do it all over again.... Okay, enough about that, on to the blog for February. It is mostly going to be pictures with a bit of commentary...

The first place we stayed was at Uncle Tim and Aunt Diane's house. How peaceful it was. Each night for the first few weeks we were home I remember thinking about how quiet it was. No dogs barking, horns honking, or loud parties... ahhh, just quiet!

Because Uncle Tim, by nationality is full Dutch, Aunt Diane decorates with cute Dutch items. These wooden shoes fit Paula perfectly. I thought she was sooo cute in them!
Paula my little Dutch girl!
 Our business, Main Street Espresso and Bakery in Yoncalla, Oregon has gotten lots of our time and attention since we have been home. I thought to bring a camera for David's first visit to the coffee shop!
So many treats, so little time!!!
 The first weekend home we shared a "welcome home" party with Chris and Lisa and their family, (Chris is Rudi's older brother) who had also just gotten home. Their family spent six months in the Ukraine and Poland. We both had time to share a little about our time outside the country. They sang for us in Polish and Ukrainian, maybe Russian too, it's all Greek to me!!!!
Chris and Lisa and family... Uncle Ben on the far right playing
the bass!
 Our next place to stay was with Chris and Lisa. Our adopted kids loved getting to know Chris and Lisa's adopted boys. I am afraid that all the cousins spoiled them rotten!
Clancy holding Peter, Kevin (adopted from the Ukraine, 2011)
holding David

Emily chilling with her cousin and good friend, Ericka
 All of the Chris Boohers are great musicians or singers. They were inspirational to be around, always picking up an instrument and jamming or singing. We were blessed to be able to spend time with them, as they moved to Texas the end of February.
Music, always music!!!
We actually took a short three day trip over to my parents house. They were actually gone during the time we were there and our time was "top secret", so that I could spend most of my time in my mom's giant soaking tub! It was a much needed break. While we were there we celebrated Clara's 11th birthday for the first time! You will see that we celebrated it a couple more times, before it was all said and done!!
Happy Birthday, Clara!

Next on the schedule was Booher Family Reunion at the Oregon Coast. We spent four days with most all of Rudi's family. It was a blessed time!!
More music!

Mud masks for the acne prone!!!
Kenneth and Emily 

Rudi and Emily jamming with Uncle Chris

Happy Birthday, Clara
At the family reunion with the
special cake Aunt Diane made!

Rudi's youngest brother Gabe with
his wife Mandy and Troy, their
miracle baby!

Aunt Des reading to some of the little folks.

Clara and Jessie making
butterfly pancakes together.
Can you tell those two are related?!!

The amazing Oregon Coast
 At the family reunion each family is in charge of a meal. We brought sandwich fixings, cookies, chips, and oranges. It turned out so pretty I just had to take a picture. I was still in the "food is sooo yummy here" stage of being home!!
Lunch anyone?
 We had a family photo session. I do not have one of the whole extended Booher family. If only Gabe or Eric would send me one...hint, hint!!
Aren't we pretty?

And from another angle!

These two did A LOT of dishes.
Uncle Ben and Rudi 

Hiking with Uncle Chris.
Great memories

Rudi looking dapper in his hat!!

David with Daddy

Oregon Coast Lighthouse
For reals it is that beautiful!
Rudi's younger and only sister, Meriwyn and her family stayed on after the reunion. We were happy to have them over for dinner one night!
L.to R. Jessie, Leah, Dwight, Meriwyn holding John, Eric holding
Rosie, Haddie, and Robert
 We spent a little time settling into our rental house. Must not have thought that was memorable because I don't have any pictures of that event! I was REALLY tired at that point!

Our next stop was over the mountains to visit my side of the family, or at least some of them! We were able to spend several days with Grampa and Grams. It was a blessing to rest there with them. They really pampered us taking us out for a hike and out to lunch one day. We also celebrated David's  fourth birthday and Clara's 11 birthday again with them!
Happy Birthday, Clara!
Grams, Grampa, and Clara
Peter meeting his Uncle Dwight, my
brother just older than me!

Happy Birthday, David!!

Loving' that dog!

Sisters out for a hike together!

Peter loves to hike too!

Rudi and I with my parents Paula and Burnell!

Ruth looking so sweet!

Family picture by the river!
 After the hike we went out to lunch at Red Robin. It was so relaxing and fun!
"Time to eat, Daddy!"

All you can drink Root Beer...yumminess!
 Our oldest five children also got to go to the Central Oregon Symphony with Grampa and Grams and some of their cousins. They loved it!
L. to R. front row: Burnell, Chance, Ruth, Clara, and Liberty
Back row: Myles, Emily, Grampa, Grams, and Clancy
What a handsome crowd!

We enjoyed lots of this... SNOW! This is the first time
our little ones have ever seen snow!
 The rest of February was taken up with moving in and settling into our house and helping Chris and Lisa get moved and on the road to Texas. Busy month, with lots of fun memories!
Cousins, our new best friends!!!
David with Clayton (also adopted
from the Ukraine by Chris and Lisa)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Buen Dia, Ya'll

Adriana and David
"First Visit to the Ocean"

Good morning, Blogger Friends! I am going to do a "month in pictures" for you all really soon, but here is a picture to hold you over until I get around to it! Enjoy!!