Monday, August 31, 2015

Visit From Leo

"Our" sweet, Leo!!
Rudi with Leo and David!!
 Today we got to visit with Leo, the first baby we ever received from Casa de Amor. (You can read about him here and here.) He also lived with our family the longest, just over a year, before he was adopted. It was great to see him and his family after almost two years!! His parents adopted a little girl from another orphanage at the same time they adopted Leo. Only a year apart in age, you could tell that they really loved each other!

Leo did not remember us, but was very sweet about saying hello to us and then hiding behind his father!! I wanted to take a picture with him, David, and Adriana, as they all lived with us at the same time, but he was too shy!!
 It was super sweet to see him again, even for a short time! He is still a gentle giant!! His family gave us a photo album of pictures of him with our family. We will treasure it!! We hope someday to visit him at his house in Oruro!

Leo with Luz, his older sister!!

So tall and all grown up!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Post de Adriana

Hi, my name is Adriana! I am really loving living with my new family. I have always been a pretty easy going girl, but it is pretty rare these days to see me without my big smile!

My first card from Grams...

The other day I got my first card from one of my grandmas. There is a tradition in our family that Grams sends us all cards with our names on them. I was super happy with mine. I showed my mommy all of the stickers on it and I even gave it a kiss before I went to bed!

Ruth and Me "Matching"
My big sister Ruth and I have the same pajama bottoms. My mommy took this picture of us both wearing them the other night! I like to match clothes with my sisters!!!

I also like to color and draw pictures. While my big sisters and brothers do school, I draw and color. I also like to help out around the house with chores. The other day I helped peel carrots for lunch with Ruth. Another thing I love to do is dance when my daddy plays the fiddle and sing. I am even learning to sing songs in English now!!

I like to color and draw!!

Helping out with lunch!
 But the most important thing I have been learning to do, is go potty in my potty chair! Most days my pants don't match my shirt by the end of the day, because I have accidents sometimes. My family is helping me though and each day I am doing better and better! I have two little potty chairs. One upstairs and one downstairs! I am a big girl!
Big Girl, Adriana!!
My sister Ruth did a photo shoot with me the other day... I wanted to share with you some of the best shots!

Adorable Audrey!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Post de David

I loved swimming with my big bro, Myles!
 Hi, my name is David and I am three years old. Last week my family took me to a pool to swim for the first time! I loved it. The worst part of the day was when we had to go home! However, I was so hungry from all that swimming I was glad to eat lunch!

My mommy loves to swim too... She helped Paula and
me learn a lot about how to swim!!!

Happy Swimmers
I had so much fun! I hope we can go again soon!! My big sister Emily, stayed home with my little brother and sister. They had fun pulling all the shoes out of the shoe cupboard and then climbing into it. I think my mommy is going to post a picture of them doing that pretty soon!

 Another thing that I have found that I like to do in with my family is COOK! I usually help my older sister, Clara. Last week she let me make pizza with her. I even made my very own super tiny pizza!
Floury Hands

The finished product, ready for the oven!
The next day we made banana bread to go with the soup for lunch. Clara fixed me up with my very own apron this time. She is a pretty neat sister!
Hard at Work with Clara

Yep, I like to cook...and swim!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Birthday Time Again!

This past week we celebrated Myles' 15th birthday! It was a great day. There wasn't any cake smashing done, but it was a good birthday anyway! Happy Birthday, Myles. You are a son that makes us proud. God bless you this year....

Clancy and Clara made pancakes with strawberry topping
and whipped cream...yumminess!
 Myles' birthday was actually cold and rainy. Unusual weather for August, but it sure made for a cozy day by the fire. Clancy had gotten Myles first aid supplies for his birthday gift. He gave them to him as an "early" birthday gift, as we had our official gift opening the evening this time.
Checking out the first aid stuff!
 Mid-morning Rudi took Myles and Clancy out for coffee, per Myles' request! I think Myles also got some driving in on the way home. Don't worry, he only drives on the backroads. I am sure that he already drives better than most Bolivians anyway, but without his license he keeps a low profile! Driving is top of the list for things to do right now!

For dinner Myles requested Pot Roast. We all enjoyed the feast. I don't know if you can see the white board behind the table, but I wrote "Happy Birthday, Myles" on it with the number "15" in the top right corner. After the happy birthday part I wrote... and many more... Emily added a poem below the "And many more part". It went like this: And many more... Don't be a bore, Don't go to war, and Always do your chore! Myles and Clara are the "rhymers" of the family, always making up silly rhymes to pass the time on our long car rides or randomly around the house. It seemed appropriate to have a corny rhyme in honor of his birthday!! Thanks, Emily!!
Birthday Dinner!

The yummy meal!!
 After dinner we had the gift opening.
The Leaning Tower of Gifts!!

Watching the gifts being opened!

What is it?

A Bible in Quechua!!

A picture just because I liked it!

World's worst selfie, but I wanted to prove that I was present at the party!

Clancy created one of those "impossible" to open gifts, that was
made up of box after box, and taped up madness...

With a compass inside...
 Myles requested Mud Pie for dessert, but because of lack of time and ingredients we made a "Mock Mud Pie" instead!!
Birthday Cake a la Lazy Mom Style!
 The kids finished off the night playing Myles' new game of Rummikub!
Rummikub anyone? 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Settling In

Photo shoot with the five youngest! At least they are all looking at the
camera at the same time!!
 It is hard to believe that a whole week has gone by since we brought the kids home! Yep, I am busy!! But I am loving it!!! All of the kids have been doing great and we are starting to settle into a routine of sorts. This week I was actually knocked out with a nasty head cold, so many days I just peeled myself out of bed and stumbled around trying to keep up with it all. I didn't keep up with it all, to tell you the truth. Thankfully, Rudi and the rest of the crew filled in my many gaps. I don't think I made one meal this past week. I did wash ALL the dirty cloth diapers though, so that has to count for something!!!
My cute laundry "helper"!!
 Our littlest guy was who got a lot of the focus this past week. He is doing great. We got really spoiled with his sleeping habits the first part of the week, because he slept like a champ, never waking at night and taking great naps. Then a cold and slight fever struck and he would not sleep for more than an hour at a time, woke up crying, spent the day crying, etc!! Rudi said it was good for our bonding that he was sick, because he needed SO much attention! Between my head cold and his sickness, we both were feeling pretty miserable for a couple days. I am happy to report that we all slept great last night and are both feeling A LOT better this morning!

Peter did get his first haircut this week and he also has learned that he loves to play with "real stuff," like tupperware, spatulas and measuring cups. Makes him happy every time to play with them!
Haircut time for Peter. (If we look tired, it is
because we are! This was the morning after
Peter would not sleep para nada the night before!!)

Looking good! (I do not like the camera
setting Emily took these pictures with...Odd lighting)
 Paula has become fast friends with her littlest brother. She is going to have him walking before long!!
Paula teaching Peter how to walk!!
I cannot tell you how sweet it is to hear Adriana and David's voices saying my name all day long with their little Spanish accents. It makes the word "Mommy" sound so sweet. When we are outside pulling hierbas malas (weeds), David brings every little bug, stick, and rock he finds for me to see. He is also sure to point out every airplane that goes overhead. He tells me about how his Abuelos (grandparents) are on the airplane flying home!!
Mommy with her "chocolate" babies!!
David and Adriana are doing great, loving all of the extra attention and snuggles. Adriana is catching on fast to potty training and has been her cheerful, happy go lucky self! David has been able to go along with Daddy to the market and grocery shopping. He loves to go out, but he does NOT like to go by the baby home where he used to live. Going by his old house and seeing anyone from the Hogar has been kept to a minimum this week. As he grows more assured that he never has to go back, I am sure he will enjoy seeing his old friends and Tias!

Loving the porch swing!! (There's that weird lighting again!)
 I will close this blog with a brag session on my amazing husband. I am so thankful for this man. He has blessed me over and over this past week with his patience, kindness, understanding, and cheerful help!! I am so blessed to have this "captain" at the helm! He is an amazing father and the BEST husband ever!

World's Best Daddy with his new babies!