Saturday, August 15, 2015

Birthday Time Again!

This past week we celebrated Myles' 15th birthday! It was a great day. There wasn't any cake smashing done, but it was a good birthday anyway! Happy Birthday, Myles. You are a son that makes us proud. God bless you this year....

Clancy and Clara made pancakes with strawberry topping
and whipped cream...yumminess!
 Myles' birthday was actually cold and rainy. Unusual weather for August, but it sure made for a cozy day by the fire. Clancy had gotten Myles first aid supplies for his birthday gift. He gave them to him as an "early" birthday gift, as we had our official gift opening the evening this time.
Checking out the first aid stuff!
 Mid-morning Rudi took Myles and Clancy out for coffee, per Myles' request! I think Myles also got some driving in on the way home. Don't worry, he only drives on the backroads. I am sure that he already drives better than most Bolivians anyway, but without his license he keeps a low profile! Driving is top of the list for things to do right now!

For dinner Myles requested Pot Roast. We all enjoyed the feast. I don't know if you can see the white board behind the table, but I wrote "Happy Birthday, Myles" on it with the number "15" in the top right corner. After the happy birthday part I wrote... and many more... Emily added a poem below the "And many more part". It went like this: And many more... Don't be a bore, Don't go to war, and Always do your chore! Myles and Clara are the "rhymers" of the family, always making up silly rhymes to pass the time on our long car rides or randomly around the house. It seemed appropriate to have a corny rhyme in honor of his birthday!! Thanks, Emily!!
Birthday Dinner!

The yummy meal!!
 After dinner we had the gift opening.
The Leaning Tower of Gifts!!

Watching the gifts being opened!

What is it?

A Bible in Quechua!!

A picture just because I liked it!

World's worst selfie, but I wanted to prove that I was present at the party!

Clancy created one of those "impossible" to open gifts, that was
made up of box after box, and taped up madness...

With a compass inside...
 Myles requested Mud Pie for dessert, but because of lack of time and ingredients we made a "Mock Mud Pie" instead!!
Birthday Cake a la Lazy Mom Style!
 The kids finished off the night playing Myles' new game of Rummikub!
Rummikub anyone? 


  1. I love the poem, love the mock mud pie (I would say the brilliant mama's mud pie!), love seeing those extra children at the table and a high chair in use, and would have loved to have joined the Rummikub game! Happy 15th Birthday, Myles!
    Thanks for sharing, Carla! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Myles!!!!! Looks like you had a awesome day.