Thursday, April 28, 2016

March Picture Round-up

Another month (or two!) come and gone... It is time for the March Picture Round-up!

One of our March projects was replacing five of the windows on the old house we are renting. Myles, along with many various helpers, was the main person to work on the windows. We are thankful that Grandpa B. came by and got him started on the first one!
We also were experts on window replacement, because we watched a few Utube videos about it...;)

Myles and Grandpa B. replacing the first window
The windows were so bad that we had to crank the wood stove all the time to keep things warm. They also let in tons of road noise and moisture. It has been a huge upgrade to have replaced some of the more critical windows. I will post "after" pictures in the April blog, but you can see by these "before" pictures that the windows REALLY needed replacement.
Myles dealing with the next window with the SawsAll!

Gotta love the ski goggles safety glasses.

Peter looking out the old window for the last time!
Myles and Clancy replacing their windows with Mathias Lystrup's help.

Picnic time on the property where we are renting.
Another big thing that happened in March was Emily turned "18"! Makes me feel old! We had a small party with the Grandparents and Uncle Tim and Aunt Diane.
Happy Birthday Balloons!

Birthday Dinner Guests

Emily with Grandpa and Grandma B. (Rudi's parents)

Emily with Grandpa and Grams (Carla's parents)

Adriana entertaining the guests!

One of the favorite gifts a JimBe (S?)
Another highlight was an outing to the Oregon Coast at Lake Marie and then Shore Acres. It was so beautiful and COLD!

Picnic lunch at Lake Marie!

Enjoying a stroll with the"littles"
at Shore Acres.

David with Daddy having a little rest!
The tulips were in full bloom at Shore Acres. When we first saw them we thought that they were fake, they were so vibrant and bright. I couldn't take enough pictures of them...
The girls with the tulips!

David with the tulips!

The Littles with the tulips!

Peter loving the sand. He even liked eating it...salty!
 We have a picture of our five oldest on this rock. We wanted to recreate it with all nine! Emily was holding Ruth in the original picture, now she is holding Peter. If I get my act together I will eventually post the first picture here, but until then (may never happen!) enjoy this updated picture of all nine of my adorable children!
On Top of "the rock" at Shore Acres

 We live right next door to a greenhouse that is open from March to July for business. Our children have been able to help out quite a bit with odd jobs. It is great that they can walk to work!
Clancy moving boxes to and from storage.

The Diaper Bandit is back... Clancy at diaper
duty again. Where are your orange gloves,
 March also brought us Adriana's third birthday! Our first with her as our adopted child!
Time to celebrate Adriana!


Happy birthday, Adriana!
 We did some gifts in the morning and then more gifts and cake that evening!
Cake time!
That wraps up our March highlights. I am sorry that these blogs are so to the point, but without internet in my house, I just have a hard time getting to them! Better short and sweet than nothing is what I say for now!!!