Saturday, May 21, 2016

April Picture Round-up

We started off April with a bridal shower for our niece, Katie Johnson. Not only is she our very first niece to be born (on my side), she is also the first to be getting married! We were so happy to be home for her wedding and also my parents "50"th wedding anniversary celebration. Both of those occasions happened in May, so they won't be part of this picture "round-up".
Fun with cousins on Grandpa and Grams
golf cart.
L. to R. Peter, Adriana, David and Kordi (Paula on top)

At the Bridal Shower we had hamburger sliders and yummy side dishes.
Some of the lovely decorations!
The highlight of the day for me was spending time with family and friends that I haven't been able to be with for so long!
Some of the lovely guests! R. (back) My older sister Carrie, Myself, Sister-in-law (SIL) Marilee,
(SIL)Joscelyn, Younger sister Naomi, (sitting l. to r.) My mother Paula,
the bride and my niece Katie, and her mother (SIL) Jenise.
Was that confusing? It only gets worse from there!!!
In  April we also celebrated Peter Anthony's 2nd birthday, but the first with us as his family! He was fun and easy to please as usual!
Birthday gift time!
A Favorite Gift!
 He took awhile to warm up to the rocking horse that Ruth got him, but once he did he loved it!
Adorable Peter loving his rocking horse!

Cake and Candle time. I loved the faces of his "helpers"
blowing out the candles.

Dessert for the "littles"1
Another highlight of April was going on a four day outing to the coast with just Rudi. We had a lovely time.
The Lovebirds on the Oregon Coast!
One of the days we hiked out to Lookout Point, a five and a half mile round trip hike. The views were spectacular!
View from the hike to Lookout Point
Another amazing view!

The view from our beach house!
This particular stretch of sand allowed people to drive on it. Rudi just had to drive our car out on the sand. It was quite a thrill. I have never driven on a beach before!! At one point we kinda freaked out about getting stuck in our lowrider car, as most were four wheel drive!
Our car on the beach!!!
I have mentioned before that we are living next to a plant nursery. I got some photos of the kids helping out. One of their main jobs is keeping the potting soil stocked. They use a little cart to do this, so it is a fun job!
Bringing in the potting soil

All hands on deck to help!

Paula with her friend Annie