Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Post de David

I loved swimming with my big bro, Myles!
 Hi, my name is David and I am three years old. Last week my family took me to a pool to swim for the first time! I loved it. The worst part of the day was when we had to go home! However, I was so hungry from all that swimming I was glad to eat lunch!

My mommy loves to swim too... She helped Paula and
me learn a lot about how to swim!!!

Happy Swimmers
I had so much fun! I hope we can go again soon!! My big sister Emily, stayed home with my little brother and sister. They had fun pulling all the shoes out of the shoe cupboard and then climbing into it. I think my mommy is going to post a picture of them doing that pretty soon!

 Another thing that I have found that I like to do in with my family is COOK! I usually help my older sister, Clara. Last week she let me make pizza with her. I even made my very own super tiny pizza!
Floury Hands

The finished product, ready for the oven!
The next day we made banana bread to go with the soup for lunch. Clara fixed me up with my very own apron this time. She is a pretty neat sister!
Hard at Work with Clara

Yep, I like to cook...and swim!!!


  1. Oh my word David, you are the cutest thing since sliced bread.

    1. Sliced bread? That's new for this person....:-)

    2. yeah, yeah, yeah....He's stinkin adorable is the point. ;)

  2. I think you're pretty awesome little bro!
    Thanks Mama for posting this!

  3. Oh my! Loved this post! You are so blessed to have him in your home and he is so blessed to have his very own family!!