Friday, November 2, 2012

Our First Little Baby

Introducing Baby "L"
We are pleased to announce the arrival of our first "Bolivian Baby" we have the priviledge of caring for. Baby L, an adorable and lovable little boy, was born in August, 2012. He was abandoned by his mother at the hospital. It is presumed that he was born prematurely and was slow at first to gain weight. He is making up for that now however with a great appetite! He eats like clockwork every three hours... We are hoping he stretches that a little bit during night!

Ruth at her favorite job!
 The baby has been a hit with all of the children vying for the right to feed him his bottle or to just hold him. No worries that he won't get enough attention here! For legal reasons Casa de Amor does not like us to put the babies full name on our blog. However, we can say that if he turns out to be a famous painter or a famous movie star we would not be surprised! We did not get to name him, but have found a cute nickname that works a bit better than the mouthful of a name he came to us with!


  1. YAY!!! He's super cute and I can imagine he is never put down! So happy for you guys!

    PS I'm sending you an email now!

    Denise :)

  2. Welcome, Baby L! Now the fun begins! May he grow up to love the Lord Jesus. Hopefully, he will find an adoptive family before he is too old. :)

  3. Dear Rudi, Carla, Emily, Myles, Clancy, Clara, Ruth and Paula,

    How we do miss you all!

    Little L. is a precious bundle. Ruth looks quite happy holding him. You know, it will be tough to have to part with these little ones when you have given them so much love. A little piece of your heart will go with each one!

    We had a great time pressing out cider this afternoon with Paul and Kamerin and the kids at Erwin and Mardel's. It took less than 2 hrs. to make around 24 gal. Afterward we went inside and enjoyed Kamerin's delicious chili and cornbread. I had made a couple of pies for dessert.

    Time for bed, so I'd better go.

    May our Lord keep His protecting hand upon all of you, and may you be a blessing in Cochabamba!

    You are always in my heart and in my prayers.

    Mother/Grandma B

  4. Well, I think I have missed a big piece of the story....I was under the impression that you would be working at an orphanage.....big house, beds all in a row, etc. sort of like the movie Annie but with babies. From this post I believe I was mistaken :( the baby is there but not the rest of my story....I will look for a website for Casa de Amor. With love and many prayers. Aunt Margee

    1. is our website :) there are some beds in a row but not like you are imagining.

      For example at the baby home there are three bedrooms according to ages. The youngest babies are in one room that has approximately 6 cribs. The middle room has about 6 cribs and the oldest kids have small toddler beds in the third bedroom. There is also a huge playroom, a yard, kitchen, a laundry room, and offices upstairs where our administrative staff works.

      Our older kids live in the 2nd house which is a huge house with a giant yard including a playground and pets with 4 bedrooms for the kids and 3 bathrooms for the kids and a good size living area/kitchen.

      Child Sponsorship Coordinator for the homes

  5. Hi Rudi,Carla, and family:
    Seasons Greetings from the Goins Family. We are praying for you and family while away. We all miss you being apart of the Fellowship. Matt, Albert, and children have been faithfully going ever other Sunday. May the Lord continue to bless the Meeting down there as well.
    Have a Blessed New Year, Love The Goins Family
    Albert, Matthew, Rebecca, Lizzy, John, and Naomi<><

  6. Hi Carla:
    I just found your Blogger and all those sweet children are so precious. What a blessing to be in such a loving family as you and family are. We sure miss you down at your place. Hope to see you all again soon.
    Love, Rebecca Goins<><