Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet the Twins!!

A & K
Last Sunday afternoon (Nov 4) we welcomed these adorable twin girls to our home. A and K are about 2 and 3/4 years old. They were found abandoned at 8 months old. K had cleft palette, so both girls were taken to the "Nutrition Center" (where we got baby L) for her to have surgeries to repair the roof of her mouth and lip! At 11 months old the Mitchell family from Texas, who were here working with Casa de Amor, took them home. They have been with the Mitchell's ever since. The Mitchell's are transitioning to other work here in Bolivia after a two month furlough in the States. The children that they were caring for through CDA are being placed into other homes.The twins have done wonderful transitioning to our home, especially considering the way that they were bonded with the Mitchell's. The first night and day were not without their challenges, but the girls seem to be fitting right in with our family
A and K playing kitchen
This morning I gave them some "real" dishes so that they could play kitchen! It kept them very busy for over an hour. Yesterday morning I was thinking "I would sure love to hear these girls laugh". We have had plenty of smiles, but have heard no laughs from them. In the afternoon just the two girls were upstairs and I could hear lots of happy A & K Spanish and LAUGHING.  I don't know what they were up to, but it sounded like lots of fun from below!

Clara with A & K   
 The twins share a room with Clara and Ruth and have adopted them as their "mommies". Clara and Ruth help get them dressed each morning and get them snacks, etc... It is very cute to watch them! Paula isn't too sure about the competition, however, and is slowly starting to accept them into her circle!
Please join us in praying that the Lord will provide just the right family to adopt these fun, sweet little girls. We would love to have them go from our home to their forever home... after enjoying them for a few months, of course!


  1. What precious girls you have in your care.

    Do they enjoy Baby L?

    I am going to pray that they will not have to go to another home before they get adopted. I am thankful they laughed and that they are adapting so quickly. Now, I will pray for Paula's adaptation!

    May God continue to give you grace and energy to care for these little ones and good success in mastering the language.

    Love and hugs all around,


  2. Those two are adorable. I'm glad that the girls are all having fun together and I'm glad they are already bonding and laughing in your home!

    Denise :)

  3. This morning at the bank, Paula told me you have "friends" in the house now. I think she meant the twins! So I guess it's good enough to start off as friends, and then move on to more like...sisters, LOL! :)