Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Buen Dia, Ya'll

Adriana and David
"First Visit to the Ocean"

Good morning, Blogger Friends! I am going to do a "month in pictures" for you all really soon, but here is a picture to hold you over until I get around to it! Enjoy!!

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  1. Hi Rudi and Carla!
    Can't wait for an update and more pictures! I get on here every few days to see if there is anything new :-) Miss you guys! Hope all is well up north! There are so many times that I think of the many special memories that I have made with you all, and March weather always makes me think of springtime in Oregon 10 years ago! Praying that the Lord would richly bless you all with His abundant and all-sufficient grace, strength, love, and wisdom for each moment!
    With love,