Sunday, February 14, 2016

Traveling Home

Myles and Peter on the road again...
 Our next few months we will be the Bolivian Boohers posting from the U.S.! After two days, five flights, and fifteen hours in "airtime" we arrived safely in Portland, Oregon. All of our children did great! We only had five 50lb bags and some carry-ons. We have figured out that traveling light is the way to do it with a large family and lots of "littles"!
Paula loves to fly!
One of the ways we are old fashioned is our children don't have any electronic devices, i.e. iPhones, iPads, Kindles, etc. I think we were the only people traveling that didn't! One family waiting in the same area in Panama had a computer/phone for every single family member, including the five year old with his very own teddy bear covered iPad! Our kids lugged along some good ole' hardback books to read!
Clancy chillin' w/ a REAL book,
a rare sight!

Playtime in the Panama airport!

Rudi and Clara happy travelers!
Emily, David, and Lauren. David remembered Lauren
from when she stayed with us in Bolivia for four months!!
We were met at the airport by Uncle Tim and Aunt Diane. We then met up with Uncle Chris and Aunt Lisa and family, along with our friend Lauren Dealy. We had a delicious picnic lunch... brrr... that Aunt Diane had fixed for us! The food is so YUMMY here!!!
Chillin" with cousins... Literally!!
After three years of summer in Cochabamba we sure felt the cool weather! Winter is one of my favorite seasons, so we are looking forward to experiencing the cold!
Picnic with family! It is good to be home for a visit!

Peter with Aunt Lisa

Best Friends and Cousins
Ellie and Paula

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