Friday, May 29, 2015

Bolivian Style Day For Mothers

Not the best picture, but it was all I got of D. and B.
and the "other" Tia Carla!!
And just when you thought you had seen it all, Bolivia surprises you again. Tuesday night I was invited to be Anita's "mother" for Mother's Day. Each class had its own food for the mother's of the children in that class. I was told that it started at 6 p.m... Well, I have been in Bolivia long enough to know that it would not actually start at 6, so I decided to leave my house at 6 to walk down to the school, which is only half a block from my house. Paula really wanted to go with me, so the two of us walked down to the school in a small shower of sprinkling rain. We actually met up with Danyelle, who was also a "mother" for the night!

When we got to the school there was no food in sight. Although, D. and B.'s class got served by 6:45! Lucky fellows!

I told Rudi that the one word to describe the evening would be CHAOS. The whole event was so wild and out of control. The whole experience was actually pretty outside my comfort zone again! We did end up being served dinner at 7:45! The majority of the mothers came around 7:30... (Note to self: go at least an hour later than the hour stated!)

Most of the older Casa de Amor kids with "their mother"!
I did not get a picture of Hannah with her "daughter" S., because their classroom had a program going on in front of the door, when I went around taking pictures!!
Danyelle with her "daughter"

Myself with my real daughter Paula!
Some of us "early birds" came in and got seated at the tables around 7. There were the usual speeches and then one of the children shared a super sweet poem about her mother!
Sharing a Mother's Day poem!
Please notice the white board behind says, Happy Mother's Day or
Feliz Dia de la Mamá!

The very crowded room. It was almost wall to wall by the
time everyone had arrived!

Paula and me with Anita!
The food arrived finally around 7:40. I thought you might like to see how catering is done in Bolivia. Big huge kettles of food, that are then served in plastic trays. No silverware was to be had! Each family got one tray of food. It was plenty and delicious!
Bolivian Catering Services!

Getting it all served up!
And the food!
They served us large pieces of pork. It was seasoned like what they call "Lechon" here. However, the cuts of meat were not like Lechon, so I am not sure what it was, but it was yummy. We were also served potatoes and a smaller potato, that is technically not a potato, but sweet and oblong shaped, one of my favorites! We also had corn on the cob (Bolivian style called Choclo), and a salad of cooked carrots with onions. Super delicious food! We all had to wash our hands afterwards, because they were covered with grease!!
No event is complete without a dog or two or five....
After dinner everyone went to the gymnasium where the special dances were to be held.
Our very own D. and B. from House 2 were going to be in one of the dances. I got a picture of them in their costumes before they went into the gymnasium.
D. and B. ready for the dance!
When the gymnasium was completely full,  I really could not believe how full it got, it was time for the dances. Unfortunately, the power in the gym kept going out. Darkness and screams happened for a long time and then Paula and I went home! Truly, my curfew was at 8:30 and time was up! Also, my patience had done run out for the evening. I was sad to miss the dances, but sometimes enough is enough!!
"Congratulations, Dear Mothers"

The girls are in orange and the boys in blue! Super bright and colorful!
Another adorable dancer!

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