Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ruth

Ruth ready to start opening gifts!
In May our Ruth turned 8 years old! We had a fun family celebration in the morning during breakfast!

One of the favorite gifts, a new baby doll!

Reading her birthday card from Grampa and Grams!

Ruth and Daddy!
We also had a birthday party for her later in the day. Rudi picked up four of the girls from Casa de Amor and, of course her friend Gracie, and Tia Techy and her family were here also! We had chicken lasagna with homemade french bread and salad! Ruth had requested Mud Pie (ice cream and Oreo cake) for dessert... Yumm!!
Emily serving up dinner!
 Clancy and Clara had thought up some fun games and even got prizes from our local tienda. My favorite game they had was "Pin the Party Hat on the Party Girl"! I didn't get any pictures of them doing games...sorry!
Most of the party crowd! Ready for dessert
 When it came time to blow out the candles, Clara blew them out over Ruth's shoulder. I was able to catch their expressions right after it happened. I thought that Ruth's and Clara's facial expressions were classic. Clara looking smug and Ruth looking like, "what happened?"!! Happy Birthday, Ruth, even if you didn't get to blow out your own candles!
The perplexed birthday girl!!


  1. Lovely report of Ruth's 8th birthday!

    What a capture: the photo of smug Clara and bewildered Ruth. Timing is everything, and you nailed it!

    I love the picture of Rudi, Ruth, and the tea set! I look forward to having a tea party, using that set, with Ruth when we next visit you!

    The girls all look so happy to be together. One little fellow made the party; is he from the Boy's Hogar?

    Lots of love,


  2. She will hopefully not break the whole tea set before you come! So far, so good!
    The little boy is Tia Techy's son!!

  3. :) Ah ha, Tia's son~~makes sense!