Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Busy Saturday

Yesterday started at 2 a.m. for my cinnamon roll making husband, Rudi! Yep, you read that correct TWO in the morning! It was the beginning of a very busy day for all of us. Rudi made over 100 cinnamon rolls to be sold at the Saturday market off of Avenida America. The locals here will know which market I am talking about! 
We had decided the night before that I would go with him, along with Myles, Clancy, Clara, and our guest for two weeks, Joseph Lawrence. Emily would stay home with Ruth and Paula. We loaded up our truffi with all of our stuff and headed out to the market around 6:45ish.

Rudi putting icing on his amazing creations!!

Cinnamon Rolls Riding in Style in our Truffi!!
 It was fun to see behind the scenes of this market early in the morning. Watching it come alive and get ready for the day! This market has its share of beggars and crippled people. The man in the wheel chair got our last cinnamon roll of the day (free, of course)!!
The Saturday market getting set up.
 We don't have an official spot yet, but they put us where we were last week. This is the second week Rudi has been doing this. Not sure yet if it will be an every week thing or not. We are kinda just feeling it out for now! Our spot is quite small and skinny, but it works. If we stay at this we need some type umbrella or cover for shade. We traded a cinnamon roll with the guy next to us, so we could share his shade canopy!

After we got everything set up, we left Rudi to man the booth and went down the street to the SIM Annual yard sale. We ended up being down at the sale during the "rush" time...oops, sorry about that! I did find shoes for all three of the children we are adopting though, so it was worth it!!

We ended up selling out around 11 a.m.!! Thank you to our "extranjero" friends for stopping by and saying hi and supporting us! We think we sold somewhere around 80 cinnamon rolls, because we sampled out quite a lot. Not the best income for eight hours of work, but it could build with time! We are selling the cinnamon rolls for 6 b.s (.85 cents) each. A little less than the $3 we get for them at our coffee shop at home!
Joseph helping get stuff set up!
We hurried home for lunch and a short break. After lunch Rudi took the three youngest girls to House 3 for a birthday party for Belinda, one of the girls friends at CDA. After the party he went and picked up Hannah and four of the older children from the baby home. Then he picked up all the rest of us at the house, to go to the Saturday Horita Feliz.

While he was gone, I scurried around doing some general clean up and also making a stew that could sit on the stove and cook while we were gone to the Horita Heliz and then to a piano recital after that...whew... I told you it was a busy Saturday!!

As you all know from previous blogs Saturday is our big Horita Feliz day. This particular Saturday we celebrated the upcoming Mother's Day here in Bolivia. There were at least sixty mothers present for the special time that Gladys and the H. F. Team had prepared for them.

The extra big crowd, singing with the power point!
 Our girls, Clara and Ruth, along with their friends, Gracie and Clara, said Psalm 23 together for the mothers.
Saying Psalm 23 together...
 Then it was our turn to sing Psalm 23! Hmm, I am picking up on a theme here! This wasn't the theme really, but it was interesting how we first heard Psalm 23 quoted and then everyone heard it sung! This song is sung a cappella and was composed by a friend of ours, Thomas Gray. He taught us the first part about two months ago. We taught ourselves the second part and it is still a bit rough, but it is coming along. I love singing this with Rudi and our two older children. It is so much fun to sing in four part harmonies together. We still have to learn the third part, but I know we'll get to it soon! Everyone seemed to enjoy the song... Thankfully, they are a very forgiving crowd!
"Jehova es mi Pastor"
 A very special blessing was having Miriam Trott share the message with the ladies. She spoke from Exodus 1:21 about fearing the Lord and making time for Him. She brought out that when we do this He will bless our families and lives. It was a really rich time. She is a down to earth person who can relate to the ladies really well. She is from Argentina and a doctor. She and her husband, who is North American, have two sons and are missionaries here in Cochabamba!
Miriam sharing from Exodus 1:21.

~~~The following pictures are of the group that made a wall hanging, from Miriam's key verse in Exodus 1, to be given to the ladies. We got together and made them them the week before on a Sunday afternoon. We had a great time making them and I think they turned out really nice. There were four different styles, all designed by Emily. We glued the verse to some heavier colored paper and then put on a ribbon for them to hang from. R. Emily, Anita, Gladys, Carla, Clara, and Danyelle
Sunday May 17, 2015 
Emily, Anita, and Gladys having fun together!

Danyelle, our master ribbon cutter!
After the message, the verses and a gift were handed out to each mother. We also served them sandwiches, candy, and a special juice!
The mothers receiving their gifts!

Look who I found peeping in the window... our little S.
And just when it seemed our Saturday couldn't get any fuller, it did! It was piano recital time! We left the Horita Feliz around 6 p.m. and on our way to the recital dropped off Hannah and the littles at the baby home. We arrived "Bolivian late" and the recital was already under way. I will interject that our five oldest children have just started taking piano lessons from a lovely lady and talented musician named, Rachel Vasquez. Although, our Saturday was already chock full of events, we didn't want our kids to miss out on being at this recital. They didn't play this time, but we wanted them to see what it might be like for next time. It was a real treat to hear Rachel play with an amazing cellist at the end of the evening. It was really, really good music. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the stage backdrop. A little hard on the eyes, but very artsy!!

Two very talented musicians!
 We got home after 8 and had a very well cooked stew and some left over Arroz con Leche! It sure did taste good. And that wraps up our very busy Saturday. I think the busiest ever. Action packed and lots of fun!


  1. Whew! What an accomplishing day! I tried to call Sunday evening, but got no answer. I was pleased to find this BLOG entry, because it answered all of my questions regarding Saturday's events, except my wondering if any of the women who heard the gospel made a point of asking questions or showing interest in learning more. I will pray that the seeds sown will be watered and take root and flourish! :)

    Oh, how I love to hear you sing "Jehova es mi Pastor"! I am glad you have learned the second part. You look so pretty, Carla; I like your scarf!

    I hope you have a Sabbath rest on Monday, following your huge weekend.

    Hugs all around,


  2. So neat that your kids are taking piano from Rachel!! We went to a concert of hers a couple months ago and it was AMAZING! (Your rolls are priced too cheaply! We think they would sell for 8 Bs, at least.)