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My Parents Visit Bolivia- 2015- Final Part

Our last days with Daddy and Mama literally flew by. It seemed that we were running around like crazy trying to fit everything in. We still left a few people and things to see for next time;), right Daddy?
Saturday we took my parents to the Saturday market on America. This mercado caters more to foreigners and you are sure to see other Americans and LOTS of Brazilians! We picked up S. and A. from the baby home to go with us. It was fun to have them with us for the morning through lunch time. Mama was able to get a few fun touristy items also! 

Clara and the Grandparents at the Saturday market!!

Plants for all!
While we gone to the Lago one of our two parakeets died. Unfortunately, Hannah and one of the kids from the baby home found it dead in its cage one morning. She gave it a proper burial for us! We had purchased our original birds at the Saturday market, so we returned to purchase a friend for the one that had died. Our super chattery, to the point of being annoying bird was silent after his friend left him...:( He is back to his chattery self now!!
Myles and Clara picking out a new bird!

Happy Saturday Market Shoppers
After market we had lunch at Pollos America... Yumm!
Mama took some super cute pictures of our adorable A. at lunch. 

Adorable A.
A special treat for our four middle children, Myles through Ruth, was going to tea with Grandpa and Grams during the time we usually are at Horita Feliz. I know it was the highlight of their whole visit for many of my children! Rudi, Emily, Paula, and I did our usual pick up of Hannah and some of the older children at CDA House 1, and taught our classes at Horita Feliz. We were a bit sad to miss out on such a fun time with Daddy and Mama, but we had to be responsible!!
Tea Anyone? and Dinner? and Dessert?
I heard in detail how yummy the food, tea, and dessert selections were. Everyone came home super happy and refreshed!
The whole crew out for tea. 
Sunday morning dawned beautiful and promised to be another busy day. Rudi, Myles, and Clara picked up S. and A. at the baby home and then drove to a church we go to sometimes, named "Florida." It is actually quite close by, so the rest of us walked over and joined them about an hour later. That extra hour allowed me time to cut Daddy's hair. I had been wanting to get my hands on it ever since he had arrived and had hinted a couple times about it. I was actually pretty surprised when Daddy came down and asked if I had time to cut his hair before church. He is very picky about who cuts his hair, so I cut it with a bit of trepidation! I think it turned out really nice. I was a little intimidated by his "wave" in the front and erred on the side of less off, than more! His hair was easy to cut and laid so nicely when it was done. It was a huge honor to have been able to cut his hair... He offered to fly me up once a month to cut it in Oregon, but I think that might be a bit much!!!:)
Enjoying the moment, cutting Daddy's hair.

"And now for a little more off this side"
Before my parents ever came down to Bolivia they had an invite from some friends of ours, the Grays, to come over for lunch! The Gray family goes to the Florida church, so we piled everyone in our car after church to go to lunch at Mrs. Gray's sister's house. I think we had only16 in the old truffi! The night before we had been talking about how we needed to go to a restaurant that served Pique Macho, a native Bolivian dish that we wanted Mama and Daddy to try. Well guess what the Gray family served us? Yep, Pique Macho!
We had a great time talking and laughing with them. Tom Gray, the dad is American and Sonya, his wife is Bolivian. Three of their four children were there. Since some of the folks only spoke English and some only spoke Spanish there was a real mix of Spanish and English, with English ruling the day! I was able to translate conversations between Mama, Sonya, and her two lovely sisters. It was a lot fun.
Mama and Daddy and their Pique Machos!!
(Please notice Daddy's great haircut) 
We asked permission to take S. and A. with us for the day again on Sunday. We had such a good time having them along. All of our kids enjoyed watching "tele" in the afternoon. A rare treat! S. really knew how to kick back and watch.
S. chilled watching tele!!

We stayed so long visiting that we had tea and humintas, along with empanadas before we headed home! We went home stuffed with good food and good memories!

All of us crowded around the table!
  The last days that they were here were spent doing a lot of shopping and running around town getting all those last tourist type things we had put off buying or hadn't had time to. The highlight of Monday was going out to dinner together at La Estancia. We all enjoyed the delicious salad bar and various cuts of beef and yummy fish!! Each of our kids went back at least once for the amazing avocado. I think that was our dessert. Thank you, Daddy for treating us!
The family eating out at La Estancia.

(It does seem that a lot of pictures were taken at tables. I need to be more creative with my photos. I promise we didn't eat ALL the time!)

   On Tuesday our first stop was at Mario and Helen's. Helen knows a lady that was saved through her prison ministry that makes really nice tourist items. We had met this lady once before after the ladies' meeting at the church, but Mother wanted to get some more things from her. She left a large bag of things for us to look through and purchase from. After we had made our purchases, Helen invited us for a "wee tea"! It was a small one because only half the table was filled with goodies instead of the WHOLE table!! It was great for my parents to be able to have a bit more time with them.

A wee tea with Mario and Helen!

Two of our favorite couples,
Burnell and Paula & Helen and Mario
We also went by a place where they make all kinds of clothing, blankets, etc out of alpaca. It is all made here in Bolivia and their stuff is just beautiful. Mama bought Rudi and me a blanket for our 20th wedding anniversary that is coming up this year. She also got herself a lovely throw. The reason we found this place is because the hotel Aranjuez where my parents stayed this time for one night, had  a blanket from this company on the foot of the bed. Mother had liked it so much, that she wanted to take one home with her! The name of the company is Fotrama. It was a little bit challenging to find, but worth it!

I know I wouldn't be hired to take pictures for catalogs or anything, but I wanted you to the beautiful blanket Mama bought us. It is SUPER soft and cozy too! If you visit us in Bolivia we can take you by this shop to buy one...
Our beautiful blanket!

For lunch we ate at Paprika's, one of our favorite restaurants in the city!
Rudi, with Daddy and Mama eating lunch at Paprika's.
After lunch we searched for another company that sells bags and accessories, also all made in Bolivia. We hit the higher end tourist goods this time!! After asking for directions from three different people we finally landed on, Tote Le Monde. Mama quickly found several things she couldn't live without!

Stuff from Tote le Monde and our amazing blanket again!

Okay, so this is the danger of not finishing a blog when your mind is fresh. I forget which night we spent working on "Country Cousins" and writing letters for friends back home, but it was either Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Either way it happened and we sent a record amount of mail home for friends and family. We are doing a lot more of sending mail home with people headed to the States, as the mail service cost has really gone up here and is not very dependable.

The "Country Cousins" Crew!
The finished product!

Everyone in on the action!

Since Emily didn't get to go to tea on Saturday with the others, Grampa and Grams took her on Wednesday afternoon! Once again everyone had a great time! Mama ended up going to this tea place three times during her visit and Daddy twice. It was a real hit!
Grams modeling the sign to the tea house!

A lovely setting for tea!
After dinner Wednesday night, we played a game called "the hot seat." Each person took a turn sitting in the "hot seat" and was asked questions by everyone else. It was really a fun game.
Grandpa's turn!

The kids looking on!
And then it was all to soon, but it was time to head to the airport for the last flight out of Cochabamba for the night.  We squeezed in every moment we could before saying goodbye. I have learned that I do not like saying goodbye. I much prefer hellos! Now we just have hellos to look forward to again!!

At the airport saying goodbye!

All of the kids with Grandpa and Grams!
We are so thankful for the special three weeks we spent with our beloved parents and grandparents. What a blessing that they took the time and effort to come to practically the ends of the earth to visit us! We feel loved and super supported in our time here... We hope that soon we will be able to visit them with three more precious little ones in tow!!!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to record the fun memories, Carla!

    I think pictures taken with all of us around the table demonstrate togetherness, hospitality, and spending time together in an unhurried manner, so no apologies needed for the table photos! :) You got a good shot of the pique macho! That was a lot of food to eat; fortunately, it was very tasty!

    I am glad you are enjoying your blanket; I am enjoying mine!

    Hugs all around,