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My Parents Visit Bolivia-2015-Week 3

The last full week with my parents we went out to one of our favorite places to go and relax, Lago Angostura. It was such a great time. Before we left Bolivia last August, the boys sold the boat they had made with Uncle Ben to "the cabin" on the lake. It was wonderful to have this boat to sail and play in. Once again it got hours and hours of use on the lake! There were some nice windy days, so that was great for using the sail!
Maiden Voyage with Mama and Emily!
It is so wonderful to be out of busy Cochabamba and to soak in the natural beauty around us. The heavens truly declare the glory of God and the earth His handiwork!
"Lago Angostura" 
Our days were filled with walks and hikes, playing games, putting together puzzles, reading the Bible together and singing, hearing stories of Daddy's "army days", and of course, lots of time on the lake, naps, and painting with Grams!
Walking down to the "tienda"!
The cabin where we stay is right next to the campus for Palabra de Vida (Word of Life) in Bolivia. My parents were able to take a tour of the campus with one of our friends, Raul, who is a missionary from Peru, that works there with his family. Daddy and Mama really enjoyed meeting Raul, who speaks good English and is just a fun, nice person with a great sense of humor. We were super happy that he and his family came over to visit the last evening we were there. We sang and talked and had a great time in general. Raul and his three children, Jhonatan, Louisa, and I can't remember the last daughters name, all speak English. His wife, Carola, understands quite a lot, but doesn't speak English. She is a lovely person and super easy to speak Spanish with! I hope that our families cross paths more in the future. I think the time with their family was one of the highlights of the week for my parents, especially my super sociable father, who has never met a stranger!
YAHTZEE! the cabin
Paula getting her hair done by Grams!

Grandma Paula with Paulita!
One of the mornings, Rudi along with Grandpa and some of our kids took a hike up to the Palabra de Vida outdoor amphitheater. It is quite a hike, but the view is amazing from up there!
Myles, Grandpa, Ruth, Clancy, and Clara

The folks at the outdoor amphitheater with the lake behind.

A view of the amphitheater on top of the hill!
Only one day did we leave our peaceful setting for lunch and then on an outing to the nearby town of Tarata. We first had an Almuerzo Completo with Sopa de Mani and Milenesa de Pollo, at the little restaurant close by the cabin. The owner of the restaurant had a lovely place all prepared for us under some grapevines.

Almuerzo Completo from one angle...

Our location from another angle...
Our kids love the tiendas in Bolivia; a little bit of everything and especially cheap little treats of junk food! Mama snapped this picture below that is a very common sight...
"venda me"

After our wonderful lunch we headed out for Tarata. It is only about a 15 minute drive from the cabin. When we arrived most of us got ice cream bars and then we hung out in the plaza waiting for Rudi to get online and make some phone calls. My parents didn't have reception at the lake, so they made some phone calls also.

And all of us at the Plaza in Tarata, minus Mama who is taking the picture!
The plaza is very beautiful with lots of tall palm trees and well kept gardens. Tarata has a very "native" Bolivia feel to it. Most of the people dress in native costume and ALL speak Quechua as a first language. While Mama and Daddy were talking on the phone I took their picture and also a picture of the couple on the next bench over. I would title the pictures, "Culture Clash"!! One couple (my parents) talking on their latest model iPhone to friends a continent away; and the other couple (campecinos) coming into the "big town" of Tarata for their shopping.
21st Century Couple

19th Century Couple
The very old buildings in Tarata were also fun to capture on camera. It was amazing to see the plants growing on the roof and balconies. Almost creepy!!

Old Adobe Building... 
Back at the lake it was time for painting with Grams. They all came up with some beautiful stuff!
Painting with Grams

More painting with Grams...
We all had fun putting together a puzzle Grampa and Grams had brought down for us. Everyone had a turn at it. We were a bit disappointed that it was missing a piece and it was brand new... We looked high and low, to no avail. We think it may have come that way, but will never know for sure!
Puzzle Time
Our kids had fun playing on a large sand pile that was there as material for a building project. The neighbor gave them permission to play on it. They spent hours having fun on it!
Sandpile fun!!

Dutch Blitz!
In Tarata we bought a basketball so the kids could play with Grandpa. My dad is really good at basketball. They spent one whole morning playing until everyone, especially Daddy, was worn out!! The kids would row over to the court in their boat!
Basketball with Grandpa
When Emily was 10 she started a "magazine" called Country Cousins. Since my children have more than 70 cousins it seemed appropriate that they have their own special magazine! Emily was the publisher for about two years and then another set of cousins took it over. It is a lot of work, so in the past few years more of the cousins shared in the publishing of this magazine. Clancy and Clara offered to do the spring issue this year. Emily ended up taking it over and worked quite a lot on putting it together at the cabin. It was great to have Grams' input!
The gals working on Country Cousins...
Mama and Daddy brought down a tent for Clancy's birthday. The first night the boys stayed in the tent, but after that they generously allowed us to stay in it! I could get used to living in a tent. It was great sleeping out in the fresh air! Next time Daddy and Mama are bringing a tent down for us!!
Rudi enjoying a quiet moment out by the lake!
The boat that Clancy and Myles made this time in Bolivia is a lot smaller than the other one they built with Uncle Ben. They had designed it with the idea to have a small motor "push" it. However, the motor turned out to be too small, or the prop, or something. They just took it off and paddled it around for the week!
Myles and Clancy trying to get the boat motor to didn't :( 

Emily modeling "The Comet"
I kept pestering Daddy to go out in the boat, but he never would. I had to all but force him to get in the last evening we were there! I think he really liked it once he got out on the lake.
Mama and Daddy on the lake.

"Heading off into the sunset"
   Friday morning was spent cleaning up the cabin and getting ready to go. I really  appreciated Mother's help with the bathroom. That is usually my special camp job! I think she left it cleaner then it had ever been before. Daddy helped us get the car cleaned out and ready to pack. With our team effort we left the cabin spotless and everything was packed on top of our car in about an hour and a half!
   May 1st is Labor Day in Bolivia, so everyone had the day off. The lady, Herlinda, with whom I share teaching at Horita Feliz on Saturday, invited us to come to her house for lunch. Her husband, Remigio, is also a friend of ours who has helped us with lots of handyman chores. We left the lake in time to go by and have lunch with them on the way home. We had a lovely time. They had invited one of the elders from our church and his family to come to the barbecue also. We ate until we nearly popped. Three types of meat from the barbecue, beef, chicken and chorizos, rice with cheese, potatoes, salads, and bread. It was a veritable feast! After lunch we shared in singing some music together.

Barbecue a la Remigio... 

Our family singing for our supper!! Casually, of course!!
I will explain who the people are in the picture below. L. to R. Ester (Remigio & Herlinda's daughter)  holding her son Estevan, Elva and Willie their daughter Claudia, Mama, Herlinda, Remigio, Daddy, Renan (Willie and Elva's son), and Josue (R. and H.'s son).
The group with Daddy and Mama.
Our last weekend and days together were so full that I will save them for the next blog... Stay tuned...

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  1. Oh, Carla, what a joy it is to have your BLOG posts, about our amazing time with you, for word and picture memories! We did have fun, didn't we? We did so many delightful things and met so many delightful people and ate so much good food and sang and read and played and a good time was had by all! :) You are so very hospitable and gracious! Thank you for giving us your bedroom suite and for all of the other ways you all honored, pampered, and blessed us! We love you! Daddy/Grandpa and Mama/Grams :)