Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goodbye, Eddie

It seems that the name of the game with this type of work is saying hello and goodbye on a regular basis! This past Saturday we dropped "Our Eddie" off at House 1 to make room for our new arrival Daniel. We miss his mischievous and busy ways and are thankful we will get to see him for sure every Saturday at Horita Feliz! We have been able to get by and see him each day since Saturday and took him to church with us on Sunday. Eddie is doing fantastic at the baby home, as we thought he would. His happy go lucky personality keeps him steady even during changes!

Inquisitive Eddie!

Superman Eddie
 Our two two year olds have always gotten along really well! Eddie is quite a bit taller and bigger than Sam. Maybe it's the two day head start he had!!
Best Buddies, "Eddie and Sam"
 Eddie has actually gotten in trouble for answering the phone... I had to take this picture of him at work!!
Hola!! Eddie Speaking!
 We brought Eddie to our home on Rudi's 42nd birthday. E. has grown and matured a lot since then!
Rudi with his birthday boy! November 2013

Rudi with Eddie May 2014
Our kids have learned from watching the motorcycle riders how to stack people on a bike! They had a real pile up the other day with all six of them on Paula's tricycle!

A Bolivian Pile Up!
 These boys love to wrestle and we loved to cheer them on! Sam was usually always on top even though he is lighter and smaller!
Wrestle time again!

"We love Tia Emily!"

 Sam and A. his sister will be going back to the baby home the first of July! Until then they will be making lots of visits to visit Eddie and Co. at the baby home...
We have been so blessed to have Eddie in our home these past six or so months. It is a lot quieter without him running through the house on the double! Please pray that God will provide a forever family for Eddie soon. His paperwork is getting quite close to being done. Que Dios te bendiga, Eddie. Te quieremos MUCHO!
Farmer Eddie

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  1. What a precious account of Eddie's time with you all. His personality comes through in the photos. Who is S. wrestling with now? I was encouraged to hear that Eddie is adapting well to his new home.

    Blessings upon all of the Casas in Casa de Amor! May each staff member and Tia be blessed and encouraged in the Lord as they show his love to these little ones.

    "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord..." Psalm 127:3