Thursday, June 12, 2014

Humintas For Breakfast

And now for a short Bolivian food experience! Some mornings, and evenings too, when we don´t feel like cooking, Rudi runs out and buys Humintas. They are kinda like a tamale, but not! Actually, if you are hoping for a tamale you will be disappointed. Tamales are more savory and Humintas are sweeter with more corn in them. They come with either plain cheese or cheese and raisins in their corn wrapping. Yummmy! Our favorite type are oven baked, but the boiled in a pot kind are yummy too. Like anything it depends on who made them.

Clara sharing her breakfast treat with A.

Humintas al Horno

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  1. Short but sweet! :)

    This is a really nice photo of Clara!

    Since reading this blog entry, there are now at least three things that I am disappointed we will not get to experience down there, but I am accepting God's will and give him thanks for all we did get to experience! :) Love to each of you, Mama/Paula/Grams