Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello, Daniel

Elizabeth, Daniel, and Melanie
Arrival at the Boohers!

After we said goodbye to Eddie (see blog Goodbye, Eddie) last week, within a few hours we were welcoming and saying hello to our latest arrival, Daniel!

Daniel has a BIG story to his life and he is only eight months old! Ten days ago Daniel had open heart surgery to repair holes in his heart, that he was born with.

When Daniel arrived at the baby home he had been abandoned by his mother and his grandmother who was caring for him could not care for him anymore. He was severely underweight and was not thriving, to say the least! He was constantly sick and throwing up and not putting on weight. Two of our volunteers, Kaylee and Linnea took him on as "their baby". While they had him, it was discovered that he had a serious life threatening heart problem. If you want to read all about his story, Elizabeth (young lady on the left in the pic above.) has done a fantastic job of blogging about his and her story here in Bolivia. Her blog is- ruinmylifetheplansihavemade.blogspot.com.

Let's just say that God has provided for Daniel above and beyond, with around the clock care of qualified nurses from Texas and volunteers from Canada and the U.S.
Melanie, a pediatric ICU heart nurse, is currently staying with us until Thursday and helping us care for Daniel. We have enjoyed getting to know her as well!

It has been amazing to watch God work in this little boys life. He has touched so many people already. I know that God has great things in store for him and his life! We are honored to have a small part in his care before he goes back to CDA House 1 in July!

Thank you Kaylee, Linnea, Katrina, Elizabeth, and Melanie. You all have done so much more than we ever could have done for Daniel. May God bless each one of you abundantly for your time, energy, and care!


  1. Thanks for becoming part of the long line of dedicated servants who have cared for our "heart baby"! :)

  2. I am thankful that you have this opportunity with Daniel and that he has the blessing of being in your loving care!