Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Moses Play

Gracie, Clara, Ruth, and Paula
Saturdays after Horita Feliz, Gracie Scoggins, Clara and Ruth's friend, usually comes over to spend the evening with the girls. They have a grand time together. One Saturday they put together a play about Moses in the Bible. It was well costumed and acted for being such short notice! They had such a fun time doing it together and we really enjoyed watching!
                                                                          "Baby Moses"
Clancy as Pharoah
Ruth as Moses' Mother
Paula as Miriam Moses' Sister
Clara as Pharoah's Daughter
Gracie as Pharoah's Daughter's Maid
Myles as the Narrator
"Kill all the male babies"
                                                        Clancy really got into his part!!
Below "Miriam" is putting baby Moses in the river, with Moses' Mother (Ruth) looking on!
"Miriam" putting Moses in the "blanket" river!

Pharoah's Daughter and Maid coming to the river to wash!

Guarding Baby Moses

Pharoah's Daughter finding the baby in the river.

"I think I will take this baby home and call him Moses"

Presenting "Moses" to his adopted Grandfather, Pharoah!

Our Illustrious Cast of Characters!
I hope you enjoyed the play as much as we did! All of the white head coverings were provided courtesy of the cloth diaper drive!


  1. This is so awesome!! Everyone's costumes look great, the diapers are a very nice touch and Clancy looks pretty snazzy in your robe, Carla! ;)
    I love how creative the kids are in entertaining themselves. Next time, though, make Emily be something! :D

  2. I agree with Lauren, especially about Emily! They did such a great job and they are so creative :) I love that they can entertain themselves and come up with fun plays like that!

  3. Okay Okay!
    Next time thay do a play I'll be in charge of production...Lights,Camera, etc. How does that sound? I'm not big on dressing up. Didn't you already know that?
    Emily Jo Potential Producer of (coming soon) Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

    1. Alright, Paul Revere's Midnight Ride sounds pretty cool, but we still want to see you get dressed up!

      I know! You can be Paul Revere's horse! I'm sure the girls could find you a brown sheet or something for fur... and maybe Clancy and Myles could rig up something with leather for hooves.
      Somehow I don't think you're going to like my idea. ;) The mental picture sure made me laugh, though!

  4. Nice costumes and good participation; this reminds me of the skits at last year's family reunion. You would have fit right in~~you must be related! :)