Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Last Pedestrian Day

About every four months Bolivia has what is called a "Pedestrian Day". Only cars with a permit (ie.ambulances, gov officials) can be on the road, so the roads are empty of cars and FULL of people on foot and bicycles! It is a fun day to get out and about by foot! We didn't have any plans for the day, but Tia and Javier surprised us by biking to our house from their house about 7 km away. Our oldest five went back with them to their house, after Javier fixed our seldomly used bicycles!
Javier fixing up the bicycles with a little help from the boys!

Tia Techy and Gladys relaxing after their long bicycle ride to our house.
The picture below is of them on our street heading out to Tia's house. They were one bike short, so Clancy and Myles had to share one. Clancy is in the center of the picture on the back of the bike!! They all were super excited to be going to Tia's.
A Herd of Bicyclists
Rudi and I followed them out to the main road with the "babies". Then after they left us in the dust, we got some ice cream!!
Rudi with Paula, E., S., and A.
 People set up make shift booths to sell to all the people on foot, along with an occasional band here and there. It gives the streets a real festive atmosphere.
Rudi making the big decisions... what flavors!

S. enjoying his helado!
 I enjoy taking pictures of the super empty streets that are normally FILLED with traffic. Here is a picture of a part of Blanco Galindo that is under construction and usually backed up with traffic!
Empty Blanco Galindo Km. 11

Carla and the Kiddos
  Javier drove our older children home in his car after the ban on driving was lifted, around 5 in the evening. They came home tired and with sun on their cheeks. It had been a great day! Most likely our last Dia del Peaton in Bolivia....
Enjoying the shade and ice cream!

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  1. Oh! This brings back fun memories!

    What a nice, spontaneous surprise for Tia Techy and Javier & company to ride over~~and a bonus to get your bikes repaired. :)

    It sounds as if you had a good Dia del Paeton, a grand finale, of sorts. :)

    Love to each of you!