Monday, January 13, 2014

My Creative Kids

We have never lived in the city before moving to Cochabamba. Our kids have had to get creative in a small yard keeping themselves busy. I wanted to feature just a few things the kids have created over the past few months. 
Clara created a beautiful wreath for Ruth's head out of the various plants around our yard.
Clara and Ruth 
Ruth modeling her wreath
The girls also had fun washing the baby clothes by hand one day! Creative and helpful!!
Hand washing is FUN!

All three girls getting in on the action!
Clancy put together this model airplane that he found at Hipermaxi, a local grocery store. He painted it bright colors and rigged up a way to fly it on yarn that he strung up in the living room.
Clancy with his airplane
Myles taking a turn at flying the airplane!
One day the boys were especially bored, so Rudi took them down to the local art supply store and bought them these big sheets of styrofoam. They made airplanes out of the styrofoam, large and small. This one below is the largest they made. It flew like a dream! The only bad part was the styrofoam all over the yard for days! 
 Myles and Clancy with the "Avion Grande"!

Rudi also has the boys do some minor repairs on the car, like changing tires and such!

 All of our kids have taken up painting. They have gotten quite good at it if I do say so myself!
Clancy painting!
Myles has gotten really good at his leather art. Below is something he made for Rudi's birthday.
Rudi and Myles 

Myles amazing leather art up close!
For awhile the boys were into digging holes. A great way to burn off energy... a little hazardous for walking around the yard, though!!!
If all else fails...dig a hole in the yard!


  1. What a delightful post, Carla. I think your idea to share your children’s creative ways to spend time without the use of hill and dale and creek and such was creative of you!

    Just for fun, Grams’ judging:

    Clancy’s creative yarn flight pattern takes the originality prize!

    Ruth’s Clara-made wreath takes the most beautiful prize.
    (If you had shown some of the children’s paintings, they might have won this, also)!

    Myles’ leather “plaque” takes most professional prize. The lettering is so well aligned and the scene is very nice.

    Here is how the verse translated for me:
    “all I can it in Christ who fortifies to me” ~~~sounds like Philippians 4:13 to me. Having read a lot of Psalms so far this year, when I saw fortalece, I thought it might be a fortress, which in a sense, it is. :)

    Having raised five sons, I can really relate to the “dig holes in the ground” diversion!

    The hard work of hand washing clothes and auto repair/tire changing wins the diligent prize!
    ~~Clancy went from sitting “foreman” to “lying down near the job” on the tire change! :)

    The styrofoam plane looks like a good one, but hating styrofoam, it will have to take the messy prize!

    Seriously, I loved this post and am proud of all the gusto put into avoiding boredom!

    I, also, know that Emily Jo has created some fun, well-arranged and played, recorded music!

    Keep up the creativity, and please keep sharing it!

    Mucho amor,

    Abuela Johnson

    1. I forgot to add one of Emily's recording projects, but I figured that since she has posted a couple everyone already knows how creative she is!

    2. Oh, and the verse is from Phil 4 " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"