Friday, January 17, 2014

Girls Room Makeover

   A few weeks ago we decided that it was time to give the little girls room a makeover. As you can see from the before and after pictures, just a little paint made a big difference. The girls were a big help and we had a lot of fun getting it all done.
The Girls Room Before....
One of the joys of painting here in Bolivia is you get to mix your own paint! Yes, you buy the tint and the paint separately and mix them in your larger paint bucket.
The purple tint is in my right hand and the paint in my left! Here goes.....
Mixing the Paint!
The girls had fun painting the room with me.
Ruth hard at work

Clara, too!
 Below is the finished product. I think it turned out nicely. The girls love hanging out and sleeping in their new lavender room! Our neighbor girl sewed some custom curtains for the window. I will update this blog with a picture with the curtain, as soon as I find my cord to download pictures with...
UPDATE: I found the cord and now here are the finished pictures....

Updated After Picture!

Ruth, Clara, and Paula "Enjoying their new room"


  1. It look so good and really brightens up the room! I'm glad you guys were able to get it done :)

  2. You are so brave, Carla, to let the girls help you. :) Clara and Ruth do not seem at all intimidated, and they did a fine job. Thank you for showing us the before and after photos! The room is so colorful and cheerful! I am sorry to hear that the cord is missing again! Did you look in the same drawer in which it was found last time? Of course, you did. :D I look forward to seeing the curtains. I really enjoy your blog entries, complete with pictures! Hugs all around, Mama/Paula/Grams

  3. Oooh, so bright and cheery! The pillow cases and quilts are really pretty. Thank you for including the girls in their colorfully, transformed room! It must be satisfying every time you walk by or into this room! Well done!