Thursday, January 23, 2014

A "CDA" Baby Update:)

I decided it was time to show off some of the adorable pictures I have been taking of the Casa de Amor kiddos in our care. You can see how much they have grown and how cute they are! Of course, I think our kids are the any good Tia would!

Adorable A.

Clara and A. "Enjoying the Sunshine"

Do they come any cuter than this? I don't think so!

S. loves his baby sister A. They are just barely a year apart!
S. loves to give his sister A. lots of love and kisses. He also loves to give her a tackle hug at least once a day. She seems to enjoy it as much as he does! I am so thankful that God orchestrated them being able to be together!
"Dapper Sam!"
 Big boy S. is still choosy about who his friends are, but since it is all of us we don't mind too much. He is getting to be a great helper and steady guy.
Emily getting S. dressed for church!
Gardening with Clancy

"I am not going to sleep"

"Oh well, I give up"
 And then there was the day that both boys fell asleep in their highchairs, right in the middle of all the noise going on during lunch!
Play hard, Sleep hard

S. enjoying oranges from our orange tree with Clara
Ready to meet the day!
E. is our action packed guy... He is always happy and on the go! He is starting to talk, but his favorite word is "Meow". We can tell by his tone of voice what he wants!
Handsome E.
Yesterday I caught him out in the dirt having a grand time! He posed for this series of pictures!
"Look, Tia, a rock"

"And this is how you move the dirt."

"Yah, I'm pretty good at this" 

Hanging out with Tia Emily

Manly in their PINK diapers... I think you know!

E. loves to dance with Ruth and Paula. You should see him get his shoulders going to the beat!
I realized the other day that we did not have one family picture with our three current babies. We quickly snapped one before we headed out to renew our Visas last Friday!
The Whole Gang
We are bringing home one more baby this week... Next blog will be about baby girl "F"!


  1. What a sweet little scrapbook! The boys are so precious! So glad you did the family photo. Wonderful to see everyone at once. We look forward very much to seeing Emily next week!

    Love to all,

    Mother/Grandma B

  2. Delightful! I am glad you included a picture of the whole gang! The captions under the E. series of photos really fit the pictures well!

    It is good to get better acquainted with your "new" children via photos. Your yard looks so pretty. :) You do a really good job on these posts, Carla. Thank you for sharing; I know it is not convenient. Your perseverance is appreciated very much! xoxo

  3. Carla I love your blog. I read every post and I share them on Facebook so CDA followers can read them too! I'm sorry I don't comment more! Much love to you guys and many thanks for all the love you give our kids!


  4. I love all the pictures, especially the group one of you all! Things have changed so much since I left and A. looks more grown up! :)