Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And Baby Girl "F." Makes Four!

Sweet baby girl "F."

Introducing our new baby "F." As you can see she is a complete doll baby! Rudi and I picked up this sweet five month old baby girl last Thursday from Casa Uno. She had been with CDA since the beginning of December. Jennifer asked us to take her, as she felt that she could use the extra one on one attention our family is able to give. So far she hasn't lacked for attention!
Ruth enjoying the new arrival

Baby F.'s "story" is that her mother took her to the local child protection services and begged them to take F. She told them that she was a single mom that did not have any support in raising her daughter and also that she herself was very ill. She appeared to be genuinely grieved to have to leave F. I appreciate that she gave her baby a chance at life and was responsible in the way she went about giving her up, so many are abandoned in horrible places. At least her mom cared enough about her to give her to a safe place. When F. arrived at Casa de Amor in early December, 2013 she could not hold her head up at all and was incredibly floppy. She is still a bit behind in development for a five month old, but she is making progress in leaps and bounds.
Our ten month old baby A. is happy to have a floor buddy to play with and also to have a girl around. She has had only boys with her since she came to our house last July!
Girls on the Go
Babysitters hard at work...

When I can't find F. I know to look in the girls room. The picture above is an often sight these days! Paula told us that she wants to grow bigger and taller right away, so that she can carry the baby and fix her bottle and cook for her! Paula is still a bit to small to do any of those things, although she does get to snuggle her as much as she wants!
The picture below has nothing to do with baby F., but I liked it anyway!!!
Happy Reading Everyone!
Our plates are quite full with four in diapers again, and my dryer currently broken. Over the weekend it rained almost nonstop all day. But rain or shine, diapers MUST be washed and dried... So I rigged up clotheslines inside. Yep, I was pretty happy with my invention!!
Breakfast under the clothesline! Featuring baby diapers! 
Dinner under the clothesline! This time featuring baby clothes!
We are thankful to have our house bursting at the seems again and the extra blessing of another baby girl to love! "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward." Psalm 127:3
Happy Girls!!


  1. Aww, I love this post! F. is soo cute!
    Looks like A. is going to have some competition in the "cutest smile" department.

    Nice improvising with the clothesline.
    Love you guys,

  2. Yay!!! Love the pictures of F! She is a doll! So glad to see how much your girls enjoy helping with her too!

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  4. Delightful introduction to baby F! You are a very adaptable family, and these precious children are blessed to be in your care and you are blessed to enjoy them. It is a joy to see them meld into your family and see them gain in health and happiness.

    It is not easy to be without a dryer when you have babies in cloth diapers, as well as 10 people's worth of laundry to do. Add the rain and it intensifies the process. Your creative clothesline holds a good number of clothes and decorates the dining/living area with an ever changing style! Way to improvise, Carla. I am proud of you!

  5. I neglected to mention the beautiful bouquet of roses on your dining table. They remind me of the bouquets of roses we used to have, at least 10 months of the year, on our table in Hacienda Heights. What a treat!