Friday, December 18, 2015

On Becoming Health Nuts

Adam and Eve????
I think this pile cost around $20 USD!
Toward the end of November I took a medicine that really messed up my liver. In an effort to recover naturally I went on an all fruit diet for six days! Thankfully, Rudi had gone to the market where they sell fruit wholesale and had bought LOTS of fruit for all of us to enjoy. Since then he has gone back each week to stock up on fantastic fruit at great prices. If you have to go on a fruit diet, this is the place to do it!!

Our very own "Statue of Liberty"... I mean Pineapple"!

At the Saturday market (where we sold cinnamon rolls) we met a really nice man from Montana who recently arrived here in Coch to work as a missionary. Darryl knows all about lacto-fermentation. Foods that have been lacto-fermented are all really good for your digestive system: sauerkraut, pickles, kvass, etc. Basically, any type of vegetable can be lacto-fermented easily. 

We invited Darryl over to teach us how to lacto-ferment things. We started with making pickles; pickles are ready to eat in only six days. The sauerkraut takes four weeks, so we are still waiting on eating that. The pickles lasted about five minutes after they were ready!
Darryl and Myles with their beautiful jar of pickles. 

All ready to wait!!
Then we made sauerkraut from green and purple cabbages. All we added to them was salt and they made their own juice.
Getting the cabbages ready.

"Serious Business"

Our beautiful cabbage all cut and ready to go.

Massaging in the salt!

Putting it in the jar...
We can't wait to try the sauerkraut since the pickles were such a hit. We only have a few weeks to go! I will try to remember to blog about what the final product looks and tastes like...
And the almost finished product!

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  1. It was fun to "meet" Darryl via photos, and to see him working with you on lacto-fermentation. :) I liked seeing the pictures of the products, as well.

    "Adam and Eve" look cute peeking out from the bountiful fruit pile. Your statue of pineapple is darling!

    Thank you for keeping us posted on your delightful, educational doings!

    Much love and gratitude,


    Psalm 34:7 The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. Praise the Lord for that!