Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last Horita Feliz 2015

300+ Cinnamon Rolls ready to be baked!
 This past Saturday was our last Horita Feliz for the year 2015. Rudi offered to make his famous Cinnamon Rolls as a special treat for all the students. Around 250 mothers and children came, so there were plenty to share around afterwards!!
El Maestro frosting!

We are going to miss these faces!

The music crew!

Gladys leading the singing!
Passing out the goodies and the gifts...

In many ways it has felt like a long year, with every Saturday afternoon full with the Horita Feliz, but we will really miss participating in this ministry. It has really helped and challenged our Spanish to teach each weekend. Rudi, myself, Emily, and Myles have all taken turns teaching and helping out this past year. I was able to get to know many of the women who come each week on a deeper level. Most times we all sat around chatting together after the Bible study time each week.

Our theme this year was Genesis. I really enjoyed teaching through this book. There are so many truths found in this book that are foundational to the follower of Jesus Christ. I also loved seeing all the "pictures" of Christ as I taught through Genesis this year!

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