Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another Pedestrian Day

Ready to take on the roads!

The end of November brought us yet another Pedestrian Day! Our "big" kids opted to stay home, but Rudi and I took out the six youngest down to our nearby market and back. As always it was fun to be out on the roads with no cars on them! We got lots of stares. First, for being gringos and secondly, because of our adopted "chocolate" babies!
Mommy and chillin"s

Now its Daddy's turn...
 It really was a jungle of people and bicycles on Avenida Blanco Galindo.
Its a jungle out there!!
We stopped for a few moments to let Paula, David, and Adriana enjoy a "carnival ride". The motor was the man pushing it around!;)
Paula on Dumbo!

David in a truck! (Notice the man with the hat
behind. He is the "motor"!)

...and Adriana in her go-cart!
We had a good time at the market. The highlight being the purchase of lollipops for everyone! Adriana had an accident and so we bought her a new GAP dress for a $1.00. Pretty handy!
Getting excited over our lollipops!!
 I loved all the facial expressions in these pictures...

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  1. Oh! I love Pedestrian Day! It is amazing how vacant the road looks behind the children in that first picture! However, there seems to be more people on the roads than on the Pedestrian Day we participated in. Perhaps being summer makes a difference?

    The children are dressed so nicely, and the girls, with their little purses, look darling! Score! on the $1.00 dress for Adriana!

    Thanks for sharing!