Thursday, April 2, 2015

Banana Bread and Boats

Industrious Banana Bread Sellers!!

Yesterday Clara made three loaves of banana bread to sell  in front of our house, to the neighbors and people on the street! It turned out super delicious. With the help of their friend, Gracie they sold all of it! They had 1 boliviano (b.) and 2(b.) slices, but when one lady saw a whole loaf she snapped the whole thing up...
I think they will be doing this again soon. They had a lot of fun start to finish, to say nothing of the fact that they earned a little "ice cream" money!

Banana bread slices and samples. The white box had the extra loaves of bread!
The boys were also busy yesterday. They have been making a small boat. Much smaller than the last one they made with Uncle Ben. They have plans to add a small motor to this one! Yesterday, they put the fiberglass and resin on the boat. It was raining off and on, so they covered their work area with a tarp over the clothesline!
Fiberglass and Resin Time

Applying the finishing touches
In the evening we finished off the day with our current volunteers with Casa de Amor. We have been trying to do something each Wednesday night with them. We had them over for a Lasagna dinner, (yumm) complete with homemade french bread and salad! This is a great group of hardworking gals. Hannah from Louisiana, (yes, that does rhyme!) has been here almost two years, Danyelle, from Texas has been here for a year or so and has no plans to leave (right Danyelle?)! Hillary is from Canada and this is her fourth time visiting Bolivia. She arrived about a month ago and will be with us for a few weeks more. Shana just got here this past weekend at the end of a tour to Mexico, Central and South America. She is from Texas and will be staying into May. It has been fun having a "full" team again. We were able to sing some songs and study Philippians chapter 2 together.

L. to R. Shana, Hannah, Hillary, and Danyelle
Great gals one and all!
Busy days here in Bolivia, but full of good stuff. We are thankful to be here!


  1. What a fun B,B,and B blog post! Bolivia is the perfect place to make and sell things in front of one's house! Way to be enterprising, Clara and helpers. :) Bolivian Baked Goods by Boohers. Oh, the Bs go on and on! :)

    When I Skyped with Emily and Myles the boat was painted red already; it looks good. How many will it seat?

    Love to all,
    Madre Paula

  2. Nice yellow boots, Clancy!