Friday, April 24, 2015

Adios, Shana and Hillary

Wednesday night we had a "going away" party for two of our volunteers. Shana is from Texas and has been touring Latin America for the past eight months. She spent the past four weeks working with the babies of Casa de Amor and also studying Spanish. We are sure going to miss having her at the baby home each evening! Hurry back, Shana!
Hillary is from New Brunswick, Canada. She has visited Cochabamba with various teams several times before. This time she stayed for two months and was able to help out at the girls' home (House 3) for Casa de Amor. The girls loved having her come and would pester her like crazy, "fixing" her hair and dragging her around showing her things. When I asked Hillary if the girls drove her nuts, she sweetly replied that she actually loved it. A perfect match! Hillary is going to be greatly missed, also. We hope that she will be able to come again next year and stay longer!

Dinner with our amazing volunteers!
 Emily made Enchiladas that were AMAZING! For dessert we had chocolate cake and cupcakes that Hannah and Danyelle had so generously brought to share with us! After dinner many rousing games of Dutch Blitz were played (Thanks to U. Tim and A. Diane!).

For a thank you gift, my mother and I picked out scarves and a pair of earrings for each of them: a heavier one for Hillary to wear in Canada, where it was 30 below when she left to come down to Bolivia, and a lighter one for Shana to wear in Texas or La Paz where she is headed next! They both look stunning in the scarves we got them. These gals are beautiful inside and out. We are so thankful our paths have crossed for a short time and that we have been able to get to know them. Que Dios las bendiga y que les vaya bien, amigas!
Shana and Hillary
Thanks for everything!

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