Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Father" for the day...

An odd assortment of "Fathers"!!
Father's Day is celebrated the 17th of March in Bolivia. The school that the Casa de Amor children go to has the children bring two plates and two set of silverware to share lunch with their father! Each class makes its own food. Needless to say some classes were better than others!! Casa de Amor has 10 children that attend the same school, about a block from our new house. Of course, all of the them needed a "father" for the day. Thanks to Hannah, Danyelle, Emily, and Myles for being a father for the day! Tio David and Rudi were the "real" dads, but the children didn't care, as long as they had someone to share their food with.

First the school children put on a performance with several dances. This dance pictured below is native to the are of Tarija in the southern part of Bolivia. I love the colorful costumes! None of the CDA kids participated in this dance.

Tarijanian Dance

The next skit/dance was the smallest class all dressed up in their father's clothes. It was super cute. K. and S. participated in this dance.

And now for the one on one pictures of the "Fathers" with the CDA kids....
Danyelle was S.'s dad for the day!

Tio David was B.'s

Myles was with E. 

Emily was with A.M.

Hannah with K. and S.
 Rudi was spread out between the remaining four children's classes. It was a bit of a fiasco, but he pulled it off! Some of the children gave Rudi sweet Father's Day cards that thanked him for driving them to school and for being there for them. They are something that he will be saving for a long time.
Rudi with A. and J.
A big thank you to all of this years "Dads". It was a blessing that none of the CDA kids had to each lunch alone. There were many that had "real" dads that ate alone on Father's Day. It also makes me appreciate having a Heavenly Father that is always with me, so that I never walk alone. He is the true father everyday of the week for the children of Casa de Amor. Yes, we pray that each one of these children will have earthly fathers and families, but truly, having a relationship with God as their father is the most important!
 Psalm 68:5 A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation. 

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  1. I love the way the children at CDA are supported and loved!

    I can see the difference in the meals! Did Myles get anything? :)

    Judging from the pictures, the dance reminds me of a line dance.

    Love to all, Madre Paula