Friday, March 27, 2015

March-Boy Scout Campout

Jake getting it all ready to go!
The first weekend in March our boys, along with Rudi, Jake and his oldest two boys went on another "campout"! This time they chose to go to a Christian camp/retreat center about an hour and a half out of Cochabamba toward the jungle.

Jake picked up our men and their gear at our new house.
The guys all ready to go...

Camp Kewiña
The name of their boy scout troop or "mascot" is The Condor. Our boys made a flag for their troop and you can see it, just barely, in the picture below. It is in the lefthand corner of the picture. It has a condor flying in the middle of the white flag. I thought it turned out pretty neat!!
Camping in Bolivia always has a dog or two or three....

Enjoying cooking over the campfire. Myles and Joel
with Michael behind
The boys took a hike by themselves to the top of this hill with crosses on it. I guess they got a really early start!
Zoomed in picture of the boys at the top of the hill!

Picture of the hill from the campsite! Pretty far!!
All too soon it was time to head for home...
Myles helping pack up camp!

Putting it all back on top. It looks more organized this time!!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I guess you will figure out why the boys were later getting home than they thought they would be!

Se ha pinchado la llanta!
They had a great time and plans are in the works for a May and June campout...

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