Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Birthday, Emily

Emily, 17 years old!!
This month brought us the birthday of our oldest daughter, Emily! We had a great time celebrating...
All 6 of our children!
One of the favorite gifts was coffee from home...good ol' Kobos!
The coffee fans are super excited!
For dinner we had several friends over and we broke in the new barbecue...yumm! Our new patio is fantastic. Unfortunately, the mosquitos liked us too!

Hannah brought S. and A. for the evening!!

The boys chowing down!
Emily is allergic to wheat, so we decided to eat Banana Splits. They were delicious!!
"Banana Splits"

"Happy Birthday to You"!

Our fun party guests!


  1. It looks as if a good time was had by all! I love it that S. and A. are able to join you from time to time. :)

    Where is the narrow wooden table situated? Is it in or outside the house? Your patio looks very nice.

    I spy a ping pong table; I look forward to some good games ahead!

    Happy Birthday to our 17 year old Emily Jo. You are a lovely young woman and a bright spot in many lives, in Grandpa's life and in my life, for sure! :)

    Dios Bendigo usted todas!

    Madre Johnson

  2. Happy birthday you your beautiful young woman. It blesses my heart reading through your posts and seeing your beautiful family growing up in this wonderful country. What a gift you have given them. I love that patio, looks gorgeous