Wednesday, March 25, 2015


In February, Rudi and Emily were able to go together to the birthday party of one of the Tias daughters. It was her 15th which is a BIG deal in Latin America. A lot of people spend as much or more than a wedding on the 15th birthday party bash... Tia Anita is a Christian and so this birthday party did not have drinking, nor dancing like most. I think it was a pretty tame 15th birthday party, which is good, because I don't think they would have lasted at a totally traditional party! As it was, they were the first to leave at 11p.m. . Those of you that know Rudi, know that to him 11p.m. is like 2 a.m.!

All dressed up with somewhere to go!!
 I thought that they looked great all dressed up. I love it when Rudi wears a suit jacket! While I was taking pictures of them, Ruth and Paula just had to be in the picture too! You can see that they left for the party around bedtime for our kids...

With the picture hijackers, Ruth and Paula!!

The Beautiful Birthday Cake!

Two other volunteers with CDA made it for the big occasion. I know you have heard of Danyelle and Hannah before. Two of our favorite long time volunteers!!
Danyelle, Hannah, and Emily
First, young girls come in, like at a wedding, with candles.
Young Girls with candles
Then, the Quinceñera is brought in by her father. She walks past each of the girls, making a wish and blowing out each candle that the girls were holding.
Quinceñera Hermosa
That is confetti on her head and money pinned to her dress!
   Another tradition during the evening is that the guests bring money and pin the money to the birthday girl. They then put confetti on each others heads. Confetti is a big deal in Bolivia. It is not uncommon to see people leaving parties with it all over their heads and clothes!
   They served a lovely dinner at 10 p.m. and had a minister share a short message. They asked Rudi to pray, which really put him on the spot, but he did a great job according to Emily!! All in all they had a good time! It sounded like another great cultural "first" experience, like so many others we have had while in Bolivia!!

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  1. I love this. Looks like they had a great time. We went to one when we first arrived for our neighbor and we were blown away, we had no idea its treated as big or even moreso than a wedding! We left at 2 am! and we were some of the first to leave believe it or not! I think they are cutting the cake at 5 am, dinner was served around 11pm I think... definitely a memorable experience.