Thursday, August 28, 2014

Horita Feliz

The ladies working on their craft project! Fruit!!
Some of our favorite CDA Tias!! Les Amamos, Tia Sarin y Tia Rosi

   In July I was able to share twice at the Horita Feliz ministry next door to our house. I was so privileged that Gladys trusted my poor Spanish enough to allow me to teach the ladies at least once a month. I really enjoyed the challenge and I was super encouraged by having to study the Word twice, once in English and once in Spanish!!
  The time that I am supposed to teach for is about thirty minutes. Now sharing in English this would be no problem, but in Spanish I am good for about twenty minutes tops. This leaves about ten to fifteen minutes of staring at each other trying to fill in the time. (Yes, this has happened!) Anyway, I got the idea to do crafts with the theme of my message. I generally teach for about fifteen minutes and then have the craft time. It gives the ladies an opportunity to mix and mingle and do something a little different too. It also gives them something to take home with them to reinforce the message. The last message and craft was centered around the Fruit of the Spirit. The ladies were super creative making different fruits and and then writing the verse from Galations 5 on it.
Papaya and Apple with the verse from Galations 5
Awesome Pineapple in the making!!

Volunteer Hannah with her watermelon. It looks like C. wants a bite!
On this particular day we all gathered to take a group picture with the ladies class. The class averages around ten to fifteen ladies. Each week it seems that the group has fresh faces and then there are the super faithful that are there every week!

Horita Feliz Reunion Femenil
And of course, each week they hand out a snack as folks leave. Our girls are usually right in the middle of the serving action!

Clara and friends
The other teachers at Horita Feliz are always there and so faithful! We have made many good friends through this outreach. Gladys and the group of young people who teach are very gifted... We miss Horita Feliz already!!

Jemena, Gladys, and Emily

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