Friday, September 5, 2014

Thank you, Tias

Another thing we did in July was make and give all the Tias (Employees) that work with Casa de Amor gift baskets! It was a lot of fun picking out the stuff and creating the "baskets" for them. 
We actually put everything in a plastic bowl, so that it was something practical that they could use! Each Tia got a cute mug, a box of tea, a snickers bar, a pair of cozy socks, and a small bar of soap from Bend Soap Co., my brothers soap business. (Thanks to Lindsey's mom, Lisa for bringing them down from the States!) Clara and I worked on putting the 22 (?) baskets together.  
Basket filling production!
 We then took the bowls filled with goodies to the House 1 Tias. We actually did this two days to get both groups on their schedules, so that they didn't have to make a special trip into work on their day off! The first group our whole family went and we took some of our favorite cakes and ice cream. This day was better documented than the second time we went!
Sharing our appreciation with the Tias.

The Tias listening to us share!
 We also made baskets for the two volunteers who have been with Casa de Amor almost the whole time our family has been in Bolivia. We love these gals and miss them lots! They deserved a special thanks for all the hard work they do and have done while they have been here!
Two of our most favoritist volunteers, Hannah and Lindsey!
Tia Rosa is the one who works on all the paperwork to make adoptions happen. She has become a very good friend to me. We are so thankful for all the hours she puts in getting everything ready for the kids to be adopted!
Tia Rosa, Social worker extroidinare!

Gracias, Tias! Les queremos, MUCHO!
 CDA's only male worker is Tio David. He is great at what he does. He manages the finances, workers, and is the general handyman for all the houses! We are thankful for all the hard work he has done for our family during the time we have been here. He was the only male we did a "basket" for! Rudi got him the book "The Heavenly Man" in Spanish and he got all the goodies, minus soap and bowl! P.S. Tia Rosa is his wife!
Tio David
 Rudi and Emily served out the goodies and then we enjoyed visiting a bit with everyone! I think the time had been a big success!

Cake and Ice Cream for All!!
 That same week we brought the other shift of Tias and some of the other social workers donuts and coffee and their baskets. Just Rudi and I came that time. It time, actually was more easy going and we were able to sit around one of the round tables and really chat.

Second Group of Tias! Gracias a ustedes, tambien!
We also gave baskets to the House 2 and 3 Tias. However, we never got it together enough to do an event around it! We actually are closer to the Tias in those houses, because we have worked in closer proximity to them and see them every week at Horita Feliz. I think all of the Tias felt appreciated and thanked! We sure had fun putting it all together for them. We think that each Tia is very special and we are so thankful for how hard they work. They are the backbone of Casa de Amor for sure.

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