Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vacation Bible School

Alright, I am going to keep plugging away through July, so bear with me!
Next up was the week in July that we took forty some children and a couple mothers each afternoon to Vacation Bible School. Our church at Km. 0 hosted the event.
The children and mothers from our neighborhood would come to the chapel where Horita Feliz is held and we drove them to and from the church. We also were able to take all the older children from Casa de Amor and the Tias on shift for the day. We also picked up Lindsey and three to four of the older children from the CDA baby house also.  Rudi drove our truffi van and I drove a van that Richard had rented from Carachipampa school for the week.

Emily taking roll call for each car!

My front seat crew!
After collecting the CDA boys and neighborhood folks we headed out to pick up the CDA girls from the girl home.
Load up girls!
And after the girls it was on to pick up Lindsey and her CDA babies. Always organized, Lindsey had them all patiently waiting by the side of the road to load up quickly and easily!
Lindsey and the little people!
The only driving drama happened the first day when I forgot to take off the parking brake! I realized that it was on about five kilometers into it and smoke was billowing out the back of the car! Rudi was following me and he started honking at me and making gestures. Thankfully, it had calmed down and only was a little stinky with a little smoke by the time we reached the church. After that I only checked to make sure it was off twenty times before and during driving!!
Inside our church at Km. 0
All of the children seemed to have great time. They divided the children into two teams, team Pablo (Paul) and team Noe (Noah). They started out the time each day with everyone in the main chapel room for singing, a group devotional, and learning the theme Bible verse. Afterwards all the children went to their own age group for more Bible learning, songs, and games.
Paulita, the lone gringa in her class!
All of our children were the only "white" kid in their class! It made it easy to pick them out of the crowd!!
Clara's class

J. with our good friend, Gail!
After classes everyone came back into the main room again for announcements, some more singing, and to be dismissed.
Rudi helping out with the music.
The last afternoon they gave out awards to the various classes. We were quite surprised that Myles took first place in the oldest class! We were very proud of him.
Myles sharing his Bible verses
The week flew by and all too soon it was time to be done! It had been a good week. With at least 250 people attending and fifty some making decisions to follow Jesus, it had  actually been a VERY good week!
Rudi with A.
All of the kids put up their crafts and verses that they had received during the week. I only took a picture of Paula with hers above her bed!
Paula proud of the stuff she had created during the week!


  1. Love still reading updates even now that you're home! Hope things are going well for you guys!

  2. Oh and loved the picture with IMBA in the background. LOVE their food. Sounds really good right now too! Man I miss Bolivia!