Friday, August 22, 2014

Tia's Last Day

Tia's last day was the day before we took the children back to the orphanage. I actually documented it pretty well! 
Each morning we have the tradition of Tia doing the girls hair while we read the Bible and sing together. On the mornings Tia was with us we did this in Spanish to include her and improve our Spanish as well! Unfortunately, in the picture below Tia's eyes were closed!!
Tia combing Ruth's hair!
Tia fixed our favorite food for lunch, Milenesa de Pollo with Papas Fritas (French Fries). We presented her with an album of pictures from her time with us the past year and nine months. We all had made cards for her as well! 

The kids had fun looking through the album with her after lunch. I came upon them all enjoying themselves outside and had to take a picture.
Checking out Tia's album

All of our kids with their favorite Tia!!
 After lunch Emily and Clara wanted to make a pie with Tia. Actually, all of our children had something Tia had to do with them for the "last" time. If you are wondering where the Casa de Amor kids were this day, they were at Casa 1. We took them each day for the day the last week or so that they were with us so that they could adjust to the idea of moving there permanently. This gave Tia a bit more free time to spoil our kids!

Pie making crew at work!

Tia, Clara, and Emily "Champion Pie Makers"
The Apple Pie ready to go home with Tia!
Off and on throughout the day I would think, "this is Tia's last day with us" and be sad. It has been harder saying goodbye and going through "lasts" than I ever thought it could be. Saying goodbye is hard, no matter how you slice it...
Emily with her best Bolivian friend!

Me with my very good friend, Tia Techy!!
Most of us didn't get the memo that the picture below was supposed to be goofy. It was the best of Tia, so I decided to use it. What a gift Tia has been to our family. She could understand my Spanish when no one else could! She was so patient with us when we were grumpy or sad. She was the perfect Tia to help our family. Always helpful and never in the way! We are so thankful that we were able to share so many days with her. Whether she likes it or not, she is now a part of our family for forever!! Que te vaya bien, Tia y Dios te bendiga...siempre tu eres en nuestros corazones!
We love you, Tia Techy

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  1. Wow! That had to have been a very mixed emotion day: fun, special food, and "doings" with Tia Techy, all they while knowing (believing) it was a last time. :) How nice to have it documented so thoroughly. The pie looked really professional; must be the Grandma B blood coming through! I fondly recall our times singing and Bible reading in the mornings and watching Tia comb hair. Back then it was the twin sisters' hair! Keep up the good blogging, Carla! Thank you!