Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome Home, Emily!

About two weeks ago now we all got to go the airport to welcome home Emily to Cochabamba, along with Rudi's brother, Benjamin, and our niece and manager of our coffee shop back home, Ericka! (I am so far behind on blogs I decided to just keep plugging away in chronological order anyway!!) We took all our CDA babies along with Tia Techy. It was such a happy moment to see our Emily after what felt like a looong time and Ben and Ericka after over a year!

Waiting on the balcony for the plane to touch down!
 Clara kept some of the younger kids busy on the toys in the waiting area!
Clara and S. getting some driving in!
 Emily had earned a ukelele with all of her hard work learning Spanish. It was custom made for her this past year. It was only fitting that she would dress to match the case! She looked amazing even after spending two FULL days traveling home!
First sighting of Emily with her new Mya Moe Ukelele!
 We asked the baggage helper guy to take this group picture for us. I don't think he has taken many pictures. I am glad that he left the majority of Rudi's head in the picture! E. just made it to the left on Myles shoulder! R., E. Myles, Uncle Ben, Ericka, F., Clancy, Me, Rudi, Paula, Clara, Emily, S., Ruth, Tia Techy, and baby A.
Coming next our adventures with Uncle Ben and Ericka...

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing all of the airport pictures. They bring back memories of our time arriving and leaving Cochabamba! That balcony is such a nice place to watch the arrivals and departures, and the weather seems to be the same in most of the pictures! That's Cochabamba for you. :)

    What a gran sequito you make when arriving todos ustedes!

    And yes, hats off to the "baggage helper guy!" When one realizes that hardly anyone sees a camera in Cochabamba, it is quite remarkable for a completely unexperienced camera operator to capture everyone in a large group, especially tall men like Rudi!

    Emily seems quite content to have a little one in her arms again!

    Carla, be encouraged to keep "pluggin' away" at the chronological order of your life's happenings. Each blog is worth the wait.

    Hugs all around!