Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vacation at Lago Angostura

 This month our family, minus Emily :(Explanation later), was able to get away together for a three day vacation to Lago Angostura, a lake about an hour out of Cochabamba. We rented a small cabin that a missionary group owns. The cabin was small, cozy and very well equipped with both kitchen stuff and things like soccer and volleyballs. We had fun playing games, reading, playing music, taking a nice long hike one day, collecting firewood for our fireplace, as well as eating good food and taking in the beautiful scenery by the lake. We came away from our time much refreshed and our "country souls" were filled to the brim!
The reason Emily wasn't with us was because she was visiting family in the U.S. for three weeks. It wasn't the same without her for sure! I am hoping she will eventually do a blog for you all about her time in the States. The way time flies it may be awhile before she gets around to it!
Our Cozy Cabin

Rudi and Myles enjoying some time "jamming" together!
 We actually headed out to the lake the day of Clara's birthday. Clancy and Myles had made her a balloon powered boat for their birthday gift. The children had hours of fun floating it on the lake.
Clancy and the girls "sailing" the balloon boat!

Snuggle time!

 One of the highlights of the cabin for all of us was the wood burning fireplace. We all enjoyed waking up to the crackling fire that Rudi had started for us. We also ended each day with an evening fire!
Everyone back from a firewood foraging trip!
Clancy and Clara getting the fire going!
Toasting food (anything that was toastable!) on the fire! Yumm!

Ruth and Paula "Tea Party Time"

 Clara knows how to make herself comfortable. She and the other children loved this cozy nook by the fireplace.
Clara drawing pictures with her new birthday art supplies!
 And as much as I hate posting my picture on this blog... I wanted to show that I was there too! Not my finest picture moment, but hey we were relaxing!
Carla, doing what moms do best....dishes!
 I had done a lot of cooking ahead and froze a few casseroles and such, so cooking was easy and relaxed and we ate like kings!!
Chow time!
 Clara wasn't able to have her cake the day of her birthday, because she was running a fever and had a stomach ache. We celebrated the day after with her cake. This is still not the time she face planted...promise that blog is coming...
Nine Candles for the Birthday Girl

Daddy and Paulita "Cake Time" (Man, that guys a hunk!)
One day we all came out for a drive around the lake and the tire was flat. Myles is sure getting good at changing tires. He actually seems to enjoy it!
Tire changing guru, Myles!

We had a variety of weather from sunshine to showers out on the lake. It was so relaxing to watch all that nature before our eyes. Rudi snapped this beautiful sunset shot the last night we were there.
Sunset over Lago Angostura
We are looking forward to a soon return to the cabin at Lago Angostura!


  1. I'm so glad you guys were able to get away and have a mini vacation! It looks like a beautiful, relaxing spot and the fireplace looked so fun :) It is definitely hard on us country folk to be in the middle of a city so it is so nice you were able to find a spot that felt a little like home!

  2. What a wonderful time you all had! I love the cabin and the lake. A great "get away" for you all! Love all the photos. They really put us where you are as much as possible.

    Love you all so much,

    Mother/Grandma B

  3. What a great vacation! Looks like so much fun, I'm so glad you guys were able to make it out there.

    Obviously Rudi did not proofread this post before you posted it, or I don't think he would have let you put that caption on his picture! ;)

    Love you guys,

    1. Just telling the truth! But you were right he hadn't read it...

  4. What a lovely description and photographic account of your lake vacation! I can sense the peace and rest through your photos. I am thankful you have such a retreat available.

    It is interesting that the picture of you "relaxing" at the lake cabin is taken at the kitchen sink doing dishes, Carla! :)

    The sunset was a beautiful closing to this blog.