Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Clara

 Wow, February has really gotten away from me without many posts on this blog. I hope to remedy that in the near future...
Towards the beginning of February was Clara's 9th birthday. We celebrated in the morning with a birthday breakfast and gifts. The cake face plant came later...about two weeks later, but I will do a blog about that in the future.
Clara the birthday girl.... NINE years old
 One of the favorite gifts was an umbrella, used rain or shine, here in Cochabamba!
Paula, Clara, and Ruth "Getting out of the Rain"
 I really like this picture of Rudi with A.
Rudi with A. "Birthday Guests"
Clara putting on her new watch!
Clara's favorite gift was a watch I got her from La Concha. She kept reminding me that she wanted a watch in the weeks leading up to her birthday. She didn't know that it was already bought and waiting for her in my room. It is handy for her to have a watch, so I can ask her what time it is when we are out on the town!
We are so blessed by our fourth child and second daughter, Clara Grace. She is always ready to lend a helping hand with anything. She also misses the babies the most when we happen to be away from them. We are excited to see what the year holds for our sweet "9" year old! Happy birthday, Clara!


  1. Happy Birthday, Clara!
    You're getting to be so grown up!
    Love you lots,

  2. What a beautiful birthday girl! She looks lovely; her scarf and colorful headband lend some delightful Bolivian style!

    That is a really stylish and large umbrella; it looks as if it will perform its "job" quite effectively!

    Have a blessed year, sweet Clara Grace!

    I love you! Grams

  3. Beautiful photos! Thank you so much! Clara, you are becoming a beautiful young lady. I can hardly wait to see you in person in October!
    Little A. looks so happy on "Papa" Rudi's shoulders!

    Looking forward to the "face plants" in their respective cakes of Clara and Uncle Ben!

    Much love to all,

    Mother/Grandma B