Thursday, March 27, 2014

The February Birthday Bash

Hurray, I found the missing birthday pictures!! At last the blog about the February birthdays! Clara had her's the fifth of February and then we found out that Ben and E. shared a birthday on the tenth and the last b-day in February was that of S. on the 12th! We saved it all up and celebrated them together later in the month!
 The boys enjoying their birthday dinner of Hamburgers Deluxe!

Birthday Boys E. and S!
We got Uncle Ben only one gift, but he seemed to like it a lot. Baby F. "helped" him open it up!
Uncle Ben ready for action!

Serious business..

Still opening "Oh so carefully!"

Annnd it's a futbol shirt of the Argentina team...
The boys ready to open their gifts!

E. loved his new stuffed Clifford dog!

S. liked his light up ball the best!
And then it was time for the famous cake biting/face plant. You can see Myles and Clancy gearing up for the action. Uncle Ben got first bite. Somehow just his nose got face planted. He will probably kill me for posting this horrible picture of him, but he would not pose for me with the frosting on his nose...sorry Ben. 
"Que muerda la torta..."

Uncle Ben with his frosting covered NOSE!
 Clara got next bite. Somehow just her forehead smashed into the cake.... At least she didn't bite where Uncle Ben's nose had been!!
Clara doing the Bolivian Birthday Face Plant!

Birthday Buddies, Uncle Ben and Clara
 Rudi got E. to bite the cake, but S. would have nothing to do with it... Smart boy that he is!
E. Bites the Cake

E. with his new frosting face....

The remains of the flattened cake! Want a bite??
S. getting his birthday bite in a more civilized manner!
 The rest of the birthday was much more civilized in nature! After putting the babies to bed we enjoyed singing and playing music together! The birthday had been a SMASHING success....literally!
Paula enjoying the rest of the evening with Uncle Ben!


  1. What fun! Would love to have been there! I'm really glad we don't have the cake ducking tradition here, though. I just wouldn't want to get my face plastered with frosting! Not much of a sport, I guess! :)

    I love seeing Ben there with you all. Such a great experience for him! I'm sure he resisted the face in the cake treatment, since he only got frosting on his nose!

    Only four months until we see you all, Lord willing! Hal-lay-lew-ya!!

    Love and prayers,

    Mother/Grandma B

  2. I did this blog primarily for you, Mother B. I am so glad you saw it and commented!! I knew you wanted to see the frosting pictures for sure... Clara´s did not disappoint, but you were right about Ben resisting... the stinker!
    We miss you guys too and can´t wait to see you guys again!!

  3. Ben looks so manly and sporty in his Argentina futbol soccer shirt. I am surprised Emily Jo and Myles let it a rival team shirt into the house! :)

    Clara looks as if she stuck her own head into the cake! Did your usual "personal" cake baker bake this cake?

    E. and S. look delighted with their gifts! How fun to celebrate the birthdays together. :)

    Love to all~~Mama/Paula/Grams