Saturday, March 29, 2014


Big Girl A. Serving Herself Bananas and Quesito!
 Look whose been promoted to a high chair and feeding herself... "A."! A. has had a very sensitive gag reflex and would ONLY eat the most well pureed food up until a few weeks ago. About three weeks ago she decided that she would not only stop eating pureed food she wanted chunky food and she wanted to feed herself... Since we only have two highchairs and three eaters, her bro S. got promoted to the table with a booster seat... The picture below shows how he feels about the promotion...HAPPY!

S. Lovin' eatin' at the big table!
E. being the happy go lucky kid that he is doesn't look too sad about the arrangements. As long as he has food and lots of it, he doesn't care where he is served!


  1. A looks so grown up and I am glad she is over the spitting up phase! S and E look very guapo with those hair cuts. I love the picture of S smiling at the table :) It is fun to see all the kids as they grown and change!

  2. Happy children! What a joy to see them so well taken care of! I agree with eemel about S. and E. looking guapo with their haircuts. :) Congrats to A on moving up to a high chair and S to the booster seat. God bless you all!