Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hello everyone!
I recently finished this song, and I thought you all would enjoy it.
I actually did this twice because the first version did not fit my standards. Even now you can hear my squeeky office chair that just had to squeek as I was playing my ukulele, and some babies crying in the background! What can you do! But all this to say, I am very proud of it and I wanted to show it to the rest of the world! I hope you enjoy my version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"!
Here I am recording the uke tracks! If you are wondering about the bandana, it's for my favorite soccer team......Go Wilstermann!


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  2. WOW! One of my favorite songs! Absolutley loved it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL, I love it! (And I didn't pick up squeaks or babies.)

    When will your CD be released?!?

  4. Thank you for sharing, Ukelele Jo!

    The only thing to make this better would be seeing you as you sing. :) It is such a blessing to have your voice to listen to over and over again. Well done!

    I love you, Grams

    GO, Wilstermann!!

  5. I just played this for Grampa and he was impressed! He chuckled in delight and went downstairs with the tune coming out of his mouth, "aaaah, aaah, aaah, aaah-aaah-aaah-aaah....!"

  6. Hey Emily!
    Nice job on the song, your voice is really maturing.
    I actually found this on your Sound Cloud page, so I had heard it already. ;)
    See you soon (really soon!),

  7. Oh, WOW, Emily~~ this is very, very, very lovely! You are right to be proud of it! Since this latest link came on 17 March 2014, I am assuming that you are playing it on your new Mya Moe. Your voice, the music arrangement, and the instrumental are all pleasant to the ear! I love you, Grams :)