Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Farewell to Carlee & Danyelle

 The only bad thing about having volunteers come down and help is that eventually you have to say goodbye.
This August we said to goodbye to two of our favorites...(they are all our favorites really!)

Tia Carlee with "her boy" C. 
Carlee, from Idaho, came down at the end of January and stayed clear through August. When she got here she was super intimidated by the public transportation which I could relate to completely! She also spoke a bit of Spanish, but not much. By the time she left she was speaking great Spanish and bopping about the town with ease on the public transport. She lived at the boys home (Casa 2), but was always helping out at the other houses too. Carlee and Emily became fast friends and loved to bake cookies and brownies together. They also took many a shopping trip to La Concha that always included going out for coffee before or after! Carlee found the love of her life here in Bolivia... unfortunately he is only two years old!!! Hurry back Carlee, we miss you lots!
Tia Danyelle & Friends
Danyelle, from Texas, came in May for a three month stay. She lived at the girls house, but also helped out at the other homes as well! She had come last summer for a months stay, so she was an old pro at getting around town and such. She joined Emily and Carlee for most, if not all, of the coffee and shopping dates they went on! Danyelle had the special privilege of driving the Hogar's truffi. She made an excellent chauffeur! (By the way they fixed the steering, Danyelle. Not nearly as fun to drive now, but safer:) Both Danyelle and Carlee made our Bolivian church their "church home" while they were here. We miss our Gringitas faces shining out of the crowd on Sundays. Thank you Danyelle for coming down and serving here in Bolivia. We miss you!

Marshmellow Flowers
We hosted a going away luncheon for Danyelle and Carlee. I made Lasagna, French Bread, and Caesar Salad. A former volunteer, Savannah, who is here visiting for a few weeks made this amazing cake. She cut marshmellows to make these incredible flowers. Yes, the marshmellows are not just white here. They are all different colors.
Cake a la Savannah
   After lunch we had a sharing time for Carlee and Danyelle. Different kids and some of the adults shared their thanks and appreciation for the departing volunteers. It was a special time.  In the picture below Tia Anita and the girls from house three shared a special song for Danyelle. The little girl in the white shirt is blind, but when they started singing she wanted in on the action. She loves to sing and dance!
   We are so appreciative to both Carlee and Danyelle for all that they poured into Casa de Amor. Your work was noticed and appreciated. You left some very big shoes to fill! Que Dios les bendiga!
Tia Anita and the House 3 girls 


  1. Awww I know how Carlee feels. I met the loves of my life down in Bolivia too. Man do I miss it there! I wish I could have been there at the same time as you guys Carla!

  2. I am so blessed and encouraged by these young women's service to the children and Casa de Amor, ultimately to their Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank you for posting these pictures and honoring Carlee and Dannyelle, Carla!

    Love and prayers,