Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Practical Mobile

So when we bought our other car I titled the blog post "The Happy Mobile". The "Jeep" was a fun car but hardly practical for our large family and even larger circle of friends, who we like to take with us. The Lord super blessed us by allowing us to sell our Jeep and providing for us to purchase a "Truffi". This truffi has been owned by a private Christian school its whole life. While our Jeep was a model from 1976 our Truffi is from 1988. We are moving up in world for sure. One of the boys from house two when he saw our new car declared that it looked a codfish! I don't really care what it looks like. It drives like a dream, you don't soar to the ceiling with every bump, of which there are plenty here, and it fits a bazillion people with ease! What more could you ask for! We are planning on souping it up with a paint job and tinted windows, as well as reupholstering the seats. By the time we are done with it people will be knocking down our door to buy it!! Not that we are ever going to sell it! 

Our Maiden Voyage in The Codfish!
To break in the car and see how it did at climbing the hills full of passengers, we invited the Tia's and boys of CDA 2, as well as Tia Techy and Javier to join us for a "safari" to Pairumani Park. (I told you it can a bazillion people.) I think there were only 24 people and most of them were small, but we still had room to spare, according to Bolivian standards of cramming!
The Proud New Owners!

Some of the Gang!
 We dropped off Victoria (Volunteer from Texas) and the four oldest CDA boys at soccer practice and then continued on up to Paurimani. The car handled it with ease!
We made it to the top!
We had a great time hiking around a bit and enjoying the fresh air. The playground was a hit for everyone!
Tia Techy and Leo
 The subebajas (teeter totters) were kept busy by young and old alike!

"Don't worry Dad!", says Emily

S. on the run!

Paula and B. having a grand time!
All too soon it was time to head home! We look forward to many more adventures in our amazing new car! This past Sunday there were 18 of us going to Church together in it. On the way home we noticed Tia Lucy from Casa 1 standing by the side of the road with one of the toddlers in her arms. We pulled over and she hopped in making it 20 people! It is awesome to always have the space for more! Also the luxury of going grocery shopping and not having to lug your groceries home on some type of public transportation is beyond amazing! Yes, we are thanking the Lord for our gift of the "Practical Mobile"!!


  1. That is so awesome you guys were able to get the truffi! God is so amazing :) It was fun seeing the pictures of everyone crammed inside. It is so nice you can carry a bazillion people in it! ;) I can't wait to ride in it soon!

    1. It should hold a TON of luggage too! Can't wait to haul yours!

    2. In that case, I will bring a bunch! ;)

  2. This is great! I love how much room you have now! Love all the pictures! I especially love seeing how B has gotten so big and has come so far from the days when the doctors weren't sure if he would ever be able to sit up on his own!!!