Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Leo & Myles

 The month of August brought us two birthdays, Leo turned 1 year old and Myles turned 13! Two very important ages!
Happy Leo with his stack of gifts!

Trying to unwrap them!
 The big kids were waiting to lend a hand with the unwrapping, so he had plenty of help! Earlier in the day Rudi fed him his cake "Bolivian Style", as in face first, but I didn't have a camera ready! I just wanted you all to know that he got the "full" birthday treatment!
Getting some help from the big kids!

A typical Leo look!
 Leo has been with us since November of last year. When he came he weighed about 8 lbs now he weighs over 20! He is a easy going happy boy. We pray that this year he will be able to be adopted by his forever family, although it will be hard to see him go for sure! Happy Birthday, Leo!

Just two days later we celebrated Myles 13th birthday! Hard to believe how time flies.
We started out with our traditional birthday breakfast and gifts.
Bolivian Bubble Gum! Yumm!

 In the evening we had Tia and Javier, as well as the boys from Casa 2, Vico and Elena, Jen and Jake, and Danyelle (who was on her way to the airport to fly home) over for dessert! I had made a Mud Pie ice cream cake that is a family favorite. It also happens to be very easy to make!! I was pretty happy with how his name came out!
Thirteen Candles on the Cake!

 Because the frozen cake was not a good cake for the traditional Bolivian bite, our friend Cristian brought over a cake his wife had made for Myles the next evening for him to take the plunge into. And plunge he did!

What a face!
Myles modeling his Wilstermann shirt!~
Congratulations, Myles on turning the big one three! We are proud of the godly young man you are becoming. You bless us everyday just by being you, responsible, helpful, and steady! We love you lots!
Happy Birthday!


  1. Love your posts! Thanks for sharing so many pictures! It is hard to believe L is one already! And while I don't know your kids - from everything I've learned about them they sound amazing! You and Rudi have raised good ones!

  2. Oh my goodness, Leo is soo cute! I can't wait to see him.
    Happy Birthday to both Myles and Leo, looks like you both had a great time.

  3. What a fun post, and what a good sport Myles was. It is fun to see Cristian's delight with Myles' cake face plant--Clancy's, also! :)

    Who gave Myles his Wilstermann shirt?

    L is getting so big; what a darling little man.

    I agree with Denise; you and Rudi are raising some good children! Love you all, very much,


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