Friday, December 6, 2013

Bringing Home "E."

November 15th of this year was Rudi's forty-second birthday. To celebrate we went out to breakfast together as a family and then to an appointment to renew our visas. The appointment to renew our visa's turned out to be ill fated, as we lacked one paper for the process to move forward. Rudi was feeling a bit blue and Emily along with him. As we headed for home, Rudi suggested swinging by the baby house, to cheer ourselves up. He then casually mentioned to the kids that Tia Rosa told him that  we could pick up the little guy, E. anytime we wanted. This announcement, of course, brought on the cacophony of shouting, "Why not bring him home today?". I think this was the result that Rudi wanted because he promptly told them that we would and that it would be his birthday gift!

Big Bro Myles with his new buddy, E.
 We had asked Tia Rosa and Jennifer a few weeks before to assign us a new child from the baby home, because we knew that Leo had been assigned adoptive parents and would be leaving us soon. They told us that we could take E. to fill in Leo's spot, as we knew we would all miss Leo and especially S. as he shares a room with Leo. "E." has been the perfect addition to the family. When he first came he was quiet and a loner. I would find him in the corner playing quietly. Now he is the life of the party. He loves music and loves to dance when Tio Rudi and Myles play their fiddles. He is all over the house, always with a big smile on his face. He smiles even when destroying books and curiously exploring cupboards. How can you get mad at a little kid that smiles at you all the time?!

Rudi with his "birthday gift"
 I don't know all of E.'s story. I actually met him for the first time last year when I was visiting the Nutrition Center with Jennifer and Camila from Sweden. He was eight months old and was left at the nutrition center by his parents. He since has had two surgeries for his cleft palate. He came to Casa de Amor earlier this year.
Chow time with Paula
E. has fit right in with the whole family. I must say that our diaper count has surged up with four in diapers. We are having to wash the diapers every other day without fail. Thanks to Tia Techy and Emily we are staying ahead ever so slightly! I think all of us are more prepared for the day when Leo leaves us, because we know we will have E. to care for and a few less diapers to wash! It has worked out really well to have had E. come when he did! When E. gets into trouble or has a crazy blow out diaper (happens more often than you would believe!) we remind Rudi that "his birthday gift" needs attention!
S. gives a hug to the newcomer!
P.S. Rudi did not do a face plant in the cake this year, because Lauren made Apple Pie...not conducive to face planting!


  1. It is so good to see the face of your newest E-dition to the family. His cleft palette surgery was very successful. I love that you remind Rudi that "his birthday gift" needs attention at diaper blowout time!

    You include such satisfying pictures in your blogs, Carla. Thank you!

    Big hugs all around,


  2. A new kid is an excellent birthday present! Though Jake and Jen have a good idea with kids for Christmas too :)

  3. I will send you E's sponsorship packet, which includes all the info we have (not much)!

  4. Hey this is wonderful news for E. We are one of his sponsors and I am so happy he is with your family. I know you guys have a great rate of children leaving in adoption/guarda and I pray E will get to benefit form your extra prayers so he can one day have a forever family. Please give him lots of kisses from me.

  5. Welcome, lively, smiley, full-of-life E! What a fun addition to your family.

    May God bless E. with a "forever" earthly family and with new life in Jesus Christ, so he can have a heavenly Father and a huge eternal family! :)